September 3rd, 2003

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Kiss of Judas Community

For those of you interested in Vampire the Masquerade, the time is nearing for the Kiss of Judas community to get started, all i need are some characters to get this shin dig on a wheel. I've tried emailing to most of the people who've replied to my recent posts, but apparently not a lot of people don't check their email, so here's your reminder. The community is here, Kiss of Judas. The website for the game is here. Character creation information is contained on the site. All city information is as follows, as i dont have that part of the site uploaded yet;

Present day Los Angeles, in an Anarch run state. Your characters will all be camarilla or camarilla loyal, and 12th or 13th generation. Time of thin blood is allowed in. There is already a primogen council set up, which will be posted in city info as well as elysiums. No abstract bloodlines allowed in until we get started more into the game, i want to see how people play before i award them powerful characters.

Even if you don't play vampire, and are into World of Darkness Characters, those will be welcome as well. But keep in mind, everything will start out as a low generation.