September 1st, 2003

This is the end of everything... ?

ok.. haven't seen anything mentioned here about this on this community...

White Wolf had a special seminar event at GenCon to make a "big announcement"...

the big announcement?

They're going to do "Gehenna/the Apocalypse" etc in World of Darkness...

this is the stupidest idea that i've ever seen... and a pretty obvious, "yeah, we're going to end WOD before WOTC finally boys us out."

back when I ran LARPs, I had a simple explanation of why Gehenna would never happen.. here it is.

"ok.. if Gehenna happens, we storytellets get to be the Antediluvians... you didn't think we were going to yet you guys play them did you?"

"anyway... I'm an antediluvian... I just killed everyone in the room."

"that's why Gehenna will never happen."

stupid stupid stupid...

good thing I sold all of my WOD stuff years ago...
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Buffy RPG Want Adds

Alrighty my lovely fellow RPers.


We still need a few more vamps (no one that would challange Bad Buffy and Angelus though).
Possibly some good guys to help out Wes in his quest for riding SD of the vampire menace (ha ha he wishes).

We need a Watcher of some sort, be it Giles or an original. We also need more of the LA gang as in like everyone except fred. We need Gunn, Lorne, Gwen, etc ... (no cordy or Connor)

We need a giles like!Whoa
An Angel would be nice but it won't be B/A
The Master
anyone from early season is really wanted
and just about anyone from later seasons will be accepted.

I want these RPs to start soon so please buds, Help me out.

Allo everyone

Well I'm new to the group, just joined today. But I roleplay, tabletop mostly, occasionally a LARP or video games. Some of the games I play are Earthdawn, Shadowrun, D&D, Vampire, and Exalted. It's been a while since I play, same with my bf. We're currently feening for a good game. We moved to Miami, FL recently and don't know anyone here that plays. So just wanted to ask if anyone has a campaign that needs some extra people, or even want to start a new one and looking for players. Look forward to talking game stuff again on this community.
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The Metaplot Thickens

Uncle Bookkeeper here with a semi-brief thought on the End of the WOD.

First I'd like to point out that this sort of over re-writing of the game world, and subsequent alteration of any future supplements, seems to run against the spirit of their "Golden Rule." That is to say, they tell you to make the game your own, but insist on swapping out the pieces of your toolbox. It's like telling you to build your own castle in a sandbox, then violently shaking the box.

Secondly, as pertains to the Golden Rule, I know there are many who have pointed out that said rule would seem to be the best advice for those dissatisfied with the ultimate expression of White Wolf's incessant nihilism: Ignore it. Unfortunately, this sort of thing only works well in theory for two reasons. First, gamers, as rather compulsive consumers, seek new inputs for their game world from time to time. This becomes a chore when the new game book for your favorite setting insists on referring to a rather messy Apocalypse that your troupe ignored. Second, the drastic rewriting of the fundamental rules of the universe is easy enough to ignore... unless, of course, you play with the Camarilla. An organization whose stated purpose is to provide some sort of global continuity has a great deal of appeal for gypsy-types such as myself, but when the game I have been playing is fundamentally changed out from under me, I no longer get that continuity. And I can't call it a "3.5-like" conversion since this seems to want to focus on metaplot as opposed to rules.

Finally, I wanted to say something about one of the selling points I think WW is tossing in the ashcan in the name of revision: Real-world parallels. The World of Darkness, according to writ, is supposed to resemble our own. This provides an immediate potential connection and understand with a character one doesn't get when playing, say, a Faerunian Dwarf. If I play a Mage, I have no relation to the notions that surround the Metaphysic of Magick, but I can talk about Aristotle, BMWs, and Starbucks and begin to create a common frame of reference. If WW moves drastically away from the world as we know it, I think the games lose something integral to their success.
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