August 31st, 2003

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Shadowrun LARP ideas?

So.. I've been thinking about taking the next step to dorkdom and finding a cool LARP to participate in; or possibly organizing one.

I've never LARP'ed before and have no interest in any whiny crap or goofy campaigns. Does anyone know if there is an established system for running a Shadowrun LARP? I was thinking of doing it with Airsoft guns, padded swords, and the whole beanbag magic thing..

I live in Austin, TX.. if anyone out there knows of any LARP groups that don't suck around here. :)
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Silent Mobius RPG?

Hello all,
I heard a rumor once that there was a japanese language role-playing game based on the Silent Mobius anime. Can anyone here confirm this? Although I don't read japanese, I'd be interested in seeing it. I've run a Silent Mobius game using Big Eyes, Small Mouth, and also seen the website for the champions campaign called Silent Mobius Zeta...
Please let me know... also I can post details of my own campaign if any one else is interested. My BESM notes might save someone trouble if they are planning on doing something similar.
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