August 26th, 2003

Ballcap Angelsboi

Shadowed Hearts

Format: Message board
Genre: Near Future Gothic Fantasy/Anime
Name: Shadowed Hearts

Contact: angelsboi for email addy

Website: Shadowed Hearts

Minimum Age Requirement: No players under 16 years of age, please.

Specific Requirements: You can play almost anything you like (within reason) but it is still near future anime. It is Bishounen so all PCs must play guy characters between the ages of 15-18.

You must also be open minded as adult issues are dealt with.

Deadline: Monday, Sept 4th

Game Description: The time is 29XX and it is about 800 years into the future. Our generations' children Awakened special gifts and magick was brought back into the world. technology has developed to include it in some places called Magi-Tek. There are also those who believe Magick is evil and completely embrace the coldness of the technology. Not to mention, there are those who completely embrace magick and disregard technology.

Then there are those who are in the middle. And those who have no technological gifts or magickal gifts.

Technology is like our owns but a few advancements have been made. There could be characters like Power Rangers but nothing like Cowboy Bebop or Gundam Wing (Mainly the mechs).

It will have a slight spiritual/theological bend to it.

As of now, no one really knows the plot as it will unfold through out the game.
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