August 25th, 2003

Elven Brooch

Ridculously and amusingly bad role-playing!

These are sum-ups of sessions a friend ran for some players who are, well, just atrocious! But it is amusing:) Some profanity is contained herein, fyi. I just thought I'd share the amusing badness of it:)

Clarifying a few items up front, Sivintar the Gold is a rather crazy and powerful wizard; the door mentioned requires being knocked on in order to open it without getting punched and when it was used before, it took us maybe five minutes to figure it out, tops.

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And the next episode...

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I Need Some Assamite Help on Issue!

I need some help resolving an argument I am having with a few friends of mines. We know that Fatima's former lover Lucita was into assassinating people. The thing we are debating about at this time is if Lucita claimed to be the top assassin of the Kindred.

I believe that she did claim to be the top assassin but my friends do not. I appreciate it if someone here can give us a reference to point us in the right direction so we can get this issue settled once and for all!
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