August 22nd, 2003


Bay area gamers?

I'm about to move to Alameda, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any good games in the Bay Area looking for a gamer.

I'm a narrativist and a female. I LARP and tabletop. I love Silver Age Sentinels and BESM. I'm also interested in White Wolf (especially Mage), D&D, Castle Falkenstein, and any other game where narritivism as opposed to simulationism holds sway.

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i'm designing a game. the game has provisions for manipulation of extrernal universal energy, true magic, which is powered by a stored reserve of such energy referred to in the game, obviously enough, as Mana. it has a second system of powers, powered by a stored reserve of internal personal energy more akin to psychic powers than magic. does anyone have suggestions for how to refer to the reserve of psychic energy? a one word term similar to mana would be best. Mana powered magic would produce magical effects like invisibility and lightining bolts. psychic powers would be ESP, telekinesis and the like. there will be some cross over but not a whole lot.

magic power source = mana
psychic power source = ?
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RP networking

I've been meaning to suggest this for a long time now.

A goodly percentage of posts to this community basically read "Are there any other roleplayers in my local (town/area/state/etc.) looking for games?"

If you're looking for roleplayers near you, consider joining It's a website that organizes monthly get-togethers between people who have registered a particular interest (Wicca, Howard Dean, ferrets, roleplaying, whatever). The main page for the Roleplayers Meetups is at Basically, you sign up as being interested in roleplaying, and then everyone in your city gets an e-mail with a time, date, and place to meet up.

Registering is free. (There's an advanced pay version called "Meetup Plus," but I've never seen the point. The bonuses you get from paying seem pretty weak to me.) I've also never gotten spam from them, apart from the monthly e-mail where they ask me to vote on a venue for the month's meetup, and then to confirm whether I'm coming.

I'm in Chicago, and we haven't had enough members sign up, so there haven't been any RP meetings yet, but I go to the Livejournal-themed Meetups (the main page for that is here; over 14,000 LiveJournalers have registered) almost every month, and have met a lot of new and interesting people as a result. I'd love to see the site's roleplayers base expand to the point where regular gatherings actually take place and people start using it for RPG networking. Especially if I get to meet more local RPers as a result. Heh.
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New Character

I need a new character for the forgotten realms campaign setting, which is set in Faerun. The character doesn't have to be that strong or anything since it is Social NWN(neverwinter nights). So, just any good intersting characters.