August 21st, 2003

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Help a Newbie to the Deadlands Classic system.

Alright, I must be an complete idiot.
I cannot find how damage converts to wounds anywhere in the Player's Guide. I am new to the DL:Weird West rules. I have a copy of the '99 Player's Guide. I have read the section on combat back and forth and cannot find this anywhere.

So if damage is rolled and hits the arm, say, how do you calculate the total damage to the level of wounds?

This is such a simple question I will die of mortification.

Just saying hello

Hello all,
I'm just posting to say hello, and to invite people to take a look over at my journal page. I'm using it as a sounding board to develop ideas for my various Role-Playing interests. Its sort of eclectic, and will probably get more so, because, well... that's just the way I am. I'm always looking for people to toss more comments into the mix. Take a look for a few days, comment if you like, maybe it will spark an interesting discussion or two.
Well... I live in hope, anyway.
My general RPG interests are; Call of Cthulhu, D&D, BESM, Indie RPGs, and various incarnations of horror, pulp, science fiction and other genres. I like world-building and creating adventure and campaign hooks. I'm a bit weakier on mechanics.
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Legend of the Green Leupak

Join the leup community for all things Legend of the Green Leupak related! Learn about the latest game updates, downtime, meet players,ask questions of the creators, make game suggestions...

What is LoGL, you might ask? It's an adventure (in the style of the old LORD of the BBS days), multi-player, completely interactive, and absolutely free! Create your warrior,theif, or mage- earn levels and advances, fight fierce beasts in the Rosa Noir forest in the world of Nexus. Only the bravest will survive to face the Green Leupak!

Features include:
Point and click or keyboard interface
Growing number of players
Interaction with NPCs
Flirting, Ye Olde Mail, and Shopping
Armor and Weapons to be bought and sold
Interactive village square and inn chats
Absolutely free- no advertisements, even!

Much more coming soon!
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