August 19th, 2003


do you live in or near Madison, WI

I need one more person to join my D&D game for sundays
We'll probably play somewhere between 1pm and 10pm
Final times have not been quantified yet and are open to debate
SUNDAY is a set date that will not change
I will be GMing a 3rd edition game but will be focusing on storyline and tactics rather than dice-rolling and combat
Has a 95% chance of being set in the Forgotten Realms
If I have never met you face-to-face, then don't be alarmed when I ask you to meet me for coffee before I invite you into my friend's residence.

My first gaming con. Thoughts and a question.

ConQuest is weekend after next, in Palo Alto, CA. I'm looking forward to it and I'm dreading it. I like gaming. I'm eagerly awaiting the chance to try all these game systems I've never played before. ConQuest has gaming schedules up, and I've picked ouit the sessions I want to try to get into. SteamTrains&Sorcery demo, Call of Cthulhu (Old school, not D20), Fudge, Hero Fantasy, GURPS(Traveller), and Exalted comprise the systems for my current round of hopefuls, and Pendragon is one of my secondary choices. I am very deliberately ignoring all the D20 and D&D offerings at this convention because I either don't want it in my head (pre-3e) or I can play it at home (D20). This con is for tasting new stuff, not curling up with old and familiar.

Why am I dreading it? Logistical foo. We're not staying at the con hotel ($90+taxes/night when we live 30 minutes away? Not this year) so the late night/earlyish morning commutes will be fun, and my partner isn't the easiest to get up and out of the house in the morning. I'm also dreading because I'm rather shy and unless there's a task at hand to do (like, say, gaming) I don't feel comfortable chatting with strangers -- and devout fans of any flavor tend to unnerve me (be it furry, SCA, gamer, sci-fi, whatever).

I'm no stranger to cons in general, but I've never been to or worked a gaming oriented con. So now for the question. Aside from the standard advice of staying hydrated and clean (I generally live on tylenol, pepto, and hot showers at cons), and not being afraid to walk out of a bad game, what other bits of advice does the collective have?
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