August 18th, 2003

RWS:  Farcrest

Mage and Movies

Because we are pathetic, we amuse ourselves by comparing movies we like to the operations of the various Mage traditions and what not. We argue about these things a lot, but we enjoy it. This is a top of my head list of movies and their associated traditions.

The Boondock Saints--Euthanatos
Practical Magic--Verbena
Brotherhood of the Wolf--Dreamspeaker
Ghostbusters--Sons of Ether
Big Trouble in Little China--Akashic Brotherhood

I could go on and on, but I don't have time.


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Fractal Ben

(no subject)

Erm...stupid computer ate the first post. Trying again.

Anyone in the comunitiy from the K-Zoo Grand Rapids area in MI? I'm looking for a LARP or two to occupy my free time while I'm at college down there. Much roleplaying required I don't do powergaming or munch fests. I prefer WoD but I'll try anything once. Thanks.
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sex laws

My first post...

What's up RP'ers?

My name's Tommy, and I am a big nerd. I grew up on AD&D, but found Shadowrun when I was about 14 and havn't looked back. I currently play a Troll Drone Rigger named Sully on the Shadowrun Denver MUSH, I believe is the addy.
My truly favorite character type on any game system are Lycanthropes, though. I've played a weretiger in some form or another in every RP system I've ever played, if it was an option. If it wasn't, I usually twist the rules enough to make it possible, heh.

By day I'm a construction worker and freelance graphic designer, and by night I'm a techno dj and shaolin warrior. and I beat up LARP'ers. heh.
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Walking in the Deep Umbra

I'm back...just needed the password to remember how to get back into this Reality. Well it certainly was a most interesting year.
First, me...I have been getting into more of the roleplaying as well some of my mix of spiritual/sexual life. Friday night Changeling turned into Friday night Mage. Those of you who know I run a Sunday night Mage shindig, and I hadn't gotten to play much of it. Neither did the others that play Sunday/Friday. So I started a Mage game on Fridays! This one is set in Seattle and I told the players one thing: they have to make their own trouble. I won't plan on big schemes. So far they have done a wonderful job of that; considering they lost one of their fellow compatriots in a spiritual wormhole. Hehehe!! Well a very wonderful thing happened while we played. My gal pal Cecilia's now hubby,Jawad, was watching us play and wanted to join in. Now he had never played an RPG like this. We all decided it would be fun to add him in but we needed to start him on something a little more structured and not so subjective. So I started a D&D Forgotten Realms campaign. That has been alot of fun but I fairly mecurial spirit and I was missing my favorite fire flinging girl, Elas!! So we have gone back to Hebridy, which is run by Kat. By the way, she has made an awesome website for her world. Go check it out Hebridy
After that we we'll do Mage but with Jawad....and he wants to be a Hollow One (Bwahhhh!!) The only bad thing is the timing. I might be running Mage on both Friday and Sunday...but maybe I should live up to my Kat given name and do something truly evil to them all. Open to any suggestions! Email me and let me know. Also I want to know of any Mage themed movies out there. Example Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon=Akashic Brotherhood, Boondock Saints=Euathantos, etc. More on my year away later!