August 16th, 2003

A Hero will save me just in time

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I ran my first session DnD the other night, and from what everyone told me, I did a great job. I've been gaming for almost two years now, and have always wanted to run a game, but was never sure of myself enough to do it, until my friends conned me into it. The five of us were really bored, so we decided, hey, there's enough of us here to play DnD, so let's do it! I meekly asked if they would let me run the session, and they said sure, and so I pulled an adventure off the website, designed some interior rooms, and away we went.
I even got to go off the charted area when they weren't able to stop the Lizardfolk from destroying the bridge.
I finish the game tomorrow night, so I am redesigning the dungeons. Make them not so much easier as make them faster to go through.
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