August 13th, 2003

Introducing myself

Hey everyone I'm new here thought id introduce myself. I'm 19, I play D&D and Vampire. Vampire is played as a LARP right now but I'm working on getting a table top going. I also roleplay ninjaburger if anyone likes that game. In addition to that I'm also vp of the roleplaying club at the university of iowa. and thats about it for me.
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HERO / Champions rules question: Follow up.

Thanks for all the great ideas and suggestions folks.

What I've decided for in this campaign (for those of you that were interested enough to respond), to keep with the Marvelesque feel it has, is to make the player specify the manuver before the attack and force a Dex roll to control her molecules to the degree he wants. The attack would be treated as normal Usable Against Solids if the roll fails, since she would be desolid going solid. I think this will remain consistant with what's already happened in the game and sorce material, while stille being fair to the player and the vast amount of points he spent on the Usable While Desolid/Usable Against Solids adders on both Str and the HKA. I'm going to suggest the NND, does Bod, Pen, UAS as another option, but not force it, for a more lethal attack if he wants her to have one.

My reasoning for this is she can reach into an object and manipulate objects inside it, so the precedent is set in game. She has practiced in combat, but live combat and practice combat is vastly different, so the skill roll to see if she, and the sword, become partially solid at just the right time or not. I do understand the general UWD/UAS rules, and am not treating her throwing stars in the same way, since she throws them and they leave her physical control, automatically becoming solid.

I just think this way is better in my game. Thanks again for all the input.