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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
1:37a - X-posted again
As I grew older, my superhero phase came and went repeatedly. I remember being 12 and being introduced to the Villains & Vigilantes game system, than a few years later I joined a Champions game. My superhero knowledge always drew from my own previous experiences with the Marvel system, but as I matured my heroes became the darker and more gritty heroes that one might find appearing in Ghost Rider or The Punisher, rather than Spider-Man or The Avengers.
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10:08a - HERO / Champions rules question.
Does Desolidification with the Usable While Desolid advantage on both Str and the HKA being used bypass armor?

My gut instinct as GM would be no, but the advantage is a very costly one, and the player made the arguement that she can reach into a box, grab an item and pull it out, why can't she reach through the armor and just hit the flesh.

Scenario is Desolid Martial Artist who attacked an obviously armored foe with a sword that she creates from the air. She stabbed him, and since it was basic standard issue armor for an UNTIL type soldier that her character would know how thick it was and when to let the sword hit flesh.


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3:35p - Artwork
Especially for fans of M&M and 7 Seas
Ramon Perez

Stolen from gameraspinning

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