August 11th, 2003

Spelljammer versus Planescape

I wanted to thank everybody who gave advice a month or two ago about coming up with ideas for running my first game.

After giving a little thought, I decided I feel most comfortable running AD&D 2nd Ed. And I'm really fond of Planescape and Spelljammer. Unfortunately it seems I loaned out my Planescape books to a friend... around four years ago. And I don't have Spelljammer. Thought I could borrow it, but turns out the people I thought I could do that from aren't sure where it is.

So I tried for both on Ebay, figuring I'll run whichever I wind up getting. Got both. Of course.

So, I was wondering which some of you think would be better for me to run as a first game? I enjoy both settings, and have even considered allowing the game to go a bit back and forth between the two. I'm just not sure yet what I want to do.
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Mass Combat System

Anyone have a reference to the rules for mass combat for the d20 system?

I need an easy and efficient way to conduct waresque combat scenarios in my game. I'm about to start a major war and I want the players to be able to fight opposition using large units.

A Thought as to why to end the WoD now...

Ok it just dawned on me, but maybe WW is ending the WoD now to put an end to the D10 system and move it all over to D20.
I think this cause when you look at what they've put out its all d20 except the WoD stuff. So i figuere why not, i mean since the d20 system has more or less be come universal its a good marketing stratagey. Think about it we end it sell alot of books to the die hard fans and keep them and get new ones by making it d20.

Just a thought that i wanted to get out there and see what people think...
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Distraction and Derailment.

Getting some good stuff done for "Outremer" in my up-coming RoS game, when suddenly I think:

Beyond the Mountains of Madness run in 1936 with Adventure!. Oh My God! Nazis and ancient things man was not meant to know! (There is actually a pretty good Delta Green short story about Nazis in the Antartic). Maybe even a Lost World!


Stay on target, Doug, stay on target! Knights, not nazis. Sorcerors, not scientists! Blade-slinging, not Two-fisted action!


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Iron Roleplayer (I felt the need to post this one)

The ingredient:

Drinking. Boozing. Tippling. Getting lit. Getting wasted. Knockin' [more than] one back.

Not potions - alcohol. Rum, vodka, martinis, merlot, bathtub gin, jagermeister, everclear, white russians, coors light (tap the rockies - get one red mana), zinfindel, lager, mead, tequila shots, schnapps, krystal, or whatever your poison.

Getting drunk, getting the player characters drunk, getting the players drunk (heh), drunken NPCs, the dangers of drinking, LARP simulations of drinking, whatever. You name it. The scene, scenario, encounter, plot, story, chronicle or campaign has to have a major theme of boozing.

Any game, any setting.

There's enough plot about booze in music, TV and the movies that this could be fun.
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