August 5th, 2003

Cross gender characters...

Have many of you ever played as the opposite sex in a game? What are your experiences of doing so, did you play in character well enough or was it more for a laugh?

I'm interested in seeing who else has done it for either a laugh or just out of curiosity. I've currently got a group all willing to play Shadowrun and a few of the characters (two of the male players) want to play women. I'm expecting them to pratt about, but they may do a good job of it if I'm lucky.

Do any of you lot let your players play a different gender?
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Vampire:TM LARP

If anyone is from the Dayton, Ohio area and doesn't know about this you go.

There is a V:TM LARP every Friday at the Parallax (605 S. Patterson Blvd., Dayton Ohio) which is the same night as the weekly industrial/gothic dance night called Revolution (which I co-host).

If anyone is in the area and looking for a game please come out and join up. The people who run it have a really good game and a very sizeable group that attends each week.