August 1st, 2003

coffee frog

Earthling, You Shall Be My Queen!

After finally getting around to reading this week's Onion I have to deliver myself one royal kick in the butt.

So there I was, in Toronto, in Hairy Tarantula. It is by far my favourite game shop ... crowded, claustrophobic, messy, and it has a very good selection.

I saw a copy of Spaceship Zero.

All spring I had three players. Two not-girls, and one not-boy. Crap, you can't get a better set up for a game like this. It would have been entertaining as all get-out, and a lot more light-hearted than my usual games. We resume gaming this fall. Curses!

(Yes, I am completely aware that I could use just about any system under the sun to run this kind of game. Gimme a break, let me have some angst, okay?)

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