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Thursday, July 31st, 2003
10:22a - You know your in for a long night again when....
The last week your game ends becuase of the "butt pudding" comment and the first thing that happens this week is the Half Ogre barbarian with a 6 intpicks up the helm of the dead character (who had been up till then been the party leader cause his Charisma was the highest they let him do all the talking) bends it out of shape so i can rest on his head looks at the mage telling him what to do next and says...

"You not leader, you no am have hat"
while pointing to his head

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12:09p - msg board v:tm
theres a little bit of a v:tm free form roleplay going on at the Vampress.netmessageboards.

theres only a couple of players, so if anyone is interested in joining up.....

check out the new york by night OOC thread for more info....

*crossposted - sorry to those who see it more than once...*

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4:42p - X-posted (Mansion Names)
So anyway things have been continuing in the epic game i mentioned earlier. Iv been made aware that my stores of cash for the game is larger then i first read, so for the sake of role-play i have a large mansion somewhere (im shooting interplanitary). Now this is all well and good, but to get to my question, does anyone have any suggestions for names of the mansion/large ass home? You gave some sweet names when i asked about guild names and i wanted to try it again. Somtimes its easier to get good ideas from others if you're too rapped up in the game itself to do much artistic thinking. Here are a few specifics im including into the mansion, so as it will be known what sort of name would work for it.

-Large (High) Elvin Influence, very artistic and natural.
-Magic and Art used to beutify the area
-A place where a Chaotic Nuetral rogue could kick off his shoes and relax
-Training area for his break-in plans and to keep him nimble
-Secret area to meet with high members of his guild

*Note: More of a Focus on a rogue who likes to read/think ahead; have art and nature close (more like rivendell, not as far as a Druid would decorate with nature), and elvin influence

My Last name in Elvin (i got a book with some elvish in it) is The Night Moon

Thanks for those who come up with somthing.

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I'm not sure how many of you might be interested but I have started a new RPG... The setting is a sexy night club located in Downtown, Baltimore.... Where absolutely anything goes... Please check it out if your interested... Right now its a closed community cause I still have some kinks I need to work out but I promise it will be up and running soon! Please check it out...


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