July 30th, 2003


Anyone ever played White Wolf's Aberrant? Well if you have your familiar with it being a fairly good superhero (well super person since you can be a right evil bastard if you like) game.

Well inspired by the movie Mystery Men, my local group are going to try playing a game with super low powered heros (or at least powers with big flaws.. like invisibility but only when nobody's watching you).

Sounds like a right laugh but some idea on the game would be helpfull if anyones got some for me...

Over to you lot.

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Iron Roleplayer - Gambling

Hey kids. It's time for a new instalment of the Iron Roleplayer thread, wherein I propose an ingredient, and everyone racks their brains to think of the coolest story/plot/encounter/whatever involving that ingredient. If you missed the last thread, it can be found here.

Unlike the two previous threads, this week's contest won't be a monster. I also want to try and avoid something that's too ingrained in the classic gamer brainset, so no Goblins or Orcs or Vampires or what have you. No, this week we're trying something a bit different.

As the title bar says, this week's ingredient is Gambling. That's right, the industry that drives Vegas. You can use poker or craps or some odd fantasy dice game or betting on horse races or betting on two monsters duking it out or whatever.

You can come up with something for whatever game you want, and this something cool can be anything from a random encounter with a crazed cardshark to a giant plot involving God and Satan making a bet to a spooky bit of imagery or whatever.

Now, Deadlands or something similar is probably the obvious choice here. But a gambling story could easily show up in D&D or Vampire or In Nomine or whatever.

Simply post your cool idea as a reply to this post in as many or as few words as you want. The various readers of Roleplayers Community can post comments or replies to your idea, and whoever gets the most positive feedback is the winner. As the winner you get no prize, but you can feel all cool about yourself and brag to all your loser friends.

So there's your ingredient, feel free to create whatever you damn well want. And if breaking out into non monster territory fails miserably, next week we'll be back with Bugbears or something.

the future is in steam

Ive got a question for you guys concerning GURPS (lite)

I've recently purchased a copy of the Hellboy Sourcebook and RPG, which I really enjoy, but i've stumbled across a couple of instances of stats I don't really understand.

Some of the 'paranormal' characters and monsters have health scores that look like this:

HT : 16/20 for Rasputin, and Hellboy has 20/35!

Im thinking it might be his effective health for dice rolls/his hitpoints? but how could this be? Anyone out there have the hellboy RPG, or know what this means? Anyhelp would be appreciated greatly, because I'm stumped.

A question that may sound silly...

Salutations and Greetings fellow Roleplayers, GM's, Loons... and so on and so forth.
I've been asked by my brother, whose thinking of getting into role playing D+D 3.0/3.5 to create a prestige class around the final fantasy Dragoon/Lancer.
All we can truthfully decide upon is that Leap of the Clouds is pretty much a must in this class if not to already have it then to get it soon.
We also can't figure out if what we need will be to modify charging or to modify the jumping rules, as we all know Dragoon's were tough Kain, Freya, That dude with a horn from FFX and generally while a good front line fighter, they made their best work from an orbital dive at their foe. This all stated, is there any tips or tricks fellow players and GM's can hand out to make this a balanced group for a bunch of players who though can be kinda goofy are good sports and good players and don't ask for to much. It might be a wise thing to mention, I don't normally ever touch presitge classes let alone construct one.
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