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Tuesday, July 29th, 2003
12:42p - Metaplot Rant
This is a sort of open letter to game designers and game companies. But it is a rant, so keep that in mind -- grain of salt, etc.

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Please note, before you flame, that I'm not saying all metaplots are bad. I'm just saying that before doing a metaplot supplement, consider doing something else instead. And if you're going to do a metaplot supplement, take the effort to do it well. No one is going to get rich in the game industry. If what you're doing isn't a labor of love, is it really worth doing?

[You can see commentary on an earlier version of this, if you like. Many thanks to the people who helped me refine my ravings...]

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1:26p - GenCon Report In Brief

I had a great time. I'll save my personal log of events for my personal journal. So:


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Convention Organization/Registration

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4:14p - D&D 3.0 and 3.5 and any game that you as a GM would want to run...Puyallup, Washington
I have found an organization that does Meetups on Saturdays and Sundays. Right now they play once every two weeks. That is how they can have 2 games a week. Anyways, this organization is very low on DM's and needs them. They are brimming with players. The only issue is that they are located in Puyallup, WA. If you are interested and would like to try out DMing give Scott a shout. He will be moving in a month and may have to drop his post as Vice President. But you can always Email me and I can tell you who to contact. Once I can make a group and find a good DM, I can increase the ammount of games to once a week (instead to once every 2 weeks).

Serious requests only. We both have many Email's from existing players. The few DM's take priority (since we need them so badly).

My Email is Doctor-Xavier@Comcast.net
The Current VP is shellman71@msn.com

You can also post at SeattleRPG

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