July 28th, 2003



What's your favourite setting and time period to play in? And why would that be? If you can't narrow it down, that's cool too, I don't particularly like the word "favourite" myself.

Hi, My Name Is Rachel

And I'm a role player.

I adore Vampire: the Masquerade. Been playing it for a couple of years now (all LARP), and have gone through only a few characters. I'm from Florida, and part of the OWBN scene, but only a very minor player (sometimes life overcomes the need to game). I've played a bit of Werewolf: the Apocolapse, and have "inheirited" a whole bookshelf of gaming books from my fiance (yay for finding love at game!). With the new books, I'm able to look at other systems, too. I'm a little upset at the Apocolapse, but it's a game, and I understand that it's not the end of the world. Well, it is, but not of... well... you understand.

Feel free to ask me questions! I have to cut this short (fortunately for you guys).

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Dragon Skull

Florida Gamers- WoD

My name is Shane, Rachel's fiancee, I am a long time Storyteller for the WoD with V:tM being my favorite. I would like to get a group together for a World of Darkness game in the Pasco County/ Tampa area. Anyone whto is interested, please drop me a line. Thanks
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