July 26th, 2003


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On 3.5....

Does everyone like the changees that much? Because thus far all I have seen (monte cook aside) are people saying good things about it. But I don't like it. Maybe its the fact that wizards always held a dear place in my heart, and they got neutered. Or perhaps its that I always liked being able to move and full attack everyone round, thank you haste. I understand that the changes were needed, but I'm curious if they thought about what they were doing, or playtested. If they did then it brings a question to my mind, why did they feel the need to screw over epic level wizards? You're still so-so at lower levels, not nearly where you used to be as far as power level, but so-so. Yes, wizards used to be the most powerful things out there, but isn't that the whole point of the class? You're the most powerful thing out there, but if something starts meleeing you you're pretty well screwed?

I really am curious if I am alone in disliking most of the changes (I do like the ranger changes, though it's still not an awesome class, now its playable) because I for one can honestly say that these changes disgust me, and I think they weren't trying to "balance" everything, they were neutering wizards.
Last Thylacine

Holy hell!

For those who still may not know: The End Is Nigh!

Everyone and their mother is accessing the page, so it's laggy as hell and keeps timing out. However, I'll post the text of that page below.

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*shakes his fist at White Wolf*

Damn you! Damn you I say! The best comment I can think of is attributed to Surreality@Snark. Behind a LJ Cut for language. Nothing I read said foul language was bad, but better to be safe than sorry. :)

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News from GenCon

White Wolf's Big Announcement:
(stolen fromo RPG.net)

It's over! The Apocalypse is here!

Regular schedule for the rest of the year. In January they're releasing a book called Gehenna. In February it's The Apocalypse. March is Ascension. Then there's a hardbound book called Time of Judgement.

After all that, they're redoing the World of Darkness entirely in the end of 2004. Probably something ala Orpheus, only for all the gamelines. As far as I know, this has no effect on Exalted or the Dark Ages games.

So, it's Gehenna, and a new edition. And that's all I know.
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