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Friday, July 25th, 2003
1:13a - Players never cease to amuse me
when a player uses the term "Butt Pudding" in referance to whats left of another character, its time to call it a night

current mood: giggly

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1:43a - Gen Con Report
Here, I am, using the terminals at Gen Con. I should not hog the terminal, but things are going well enough.

Running as an independant GM is still a bit obnoxious, and there were many typos in the book from poor reproduction of the event descriptions. But otherwise it seems to be going well. Indianapolis is a lovely city, and the weather is terrific.

current mood: tired

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2:41a - for the people who got 3.5...
is there a guide in there on how to convert your old charactor? like the different skills they dumped and other stuff?

or is it best to just pick out as much as you can and change things as you play?

btw - i did get the PDF with the random changes in it.

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10:38a - Huzzah
My Monster Name

In Greek myth the Titans ruled before the Gods and the majority of them were evil and mean. A rogue Titan, a friendly chap called Prometheus, was responsible for giving Man the gift of fire. This Prometheus myth is probably why Dungeons and Dragons present Titans as largely good even if they have a fiery temperament.

The Levenshtein distance between just_al and Titan is 4.
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current mood: predatory

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11:17a - Happiness is...
enough tips to buy a bottle of Crown Royal for the bag and a Chessex pound of dice to put in it.

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11:21a - Connecticut Science-fantasy/Savage Worlds Game
I'm looking for players for a game which draws inspiration from the big swaggering hero in exotic other world genre of science-fantasy (think John Carter of Mars or Jandar of Callisto) using Pinnacle's new Savage Worlds rules. The initial idea would run 8-12 sessions, but is open ended if people are having enough fun.

I'd be looking to play bi-weekly in central Connecticut.

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4:11p - Gaming in Charlotte
Are there many People in this community form Charlotte, NC? If so, who would like to Game?


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4:41p - Gencon Europe - Rumour mine
Having read This I'm just intrested to see what other people have heard about Gencon Europe rumours.

More fuel for the fire really...

current mood: bitchy

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6:48p - Vampires
Can anyone give me extensive info on Caine, the first vampire? I am in a RPG and someone on my side summoned him, but they know very little about him.

Anything reliable, but I am mostly looking for personality/powers if possible.

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10:31p - To all those in the Cain discussion:
Sorry, this comment was too long for a comment, so I made a new post ^^;;

Ok, first off that thing about the lake and blood is rather offensive to my wife, as this is her character. This "game" is a forum board RPG called momentum, which is sparring on a battlefield. Here is her bio, which I wrote myself.

hehe woops

Collapse )

Ok, there is her bio. I know it goes against WH, but I wanted something creative, so WH experts forgive me.

As for the Cain thing, that was a matter of NOT knowing what he was. She asked someone what a powerful summon would be and they told her. I found out the reason they told her is because they figure the world is ending, so why not bring in Cain. As I said, that is nulled and I am currently trying to find something else for her to summon.

As for the blood: Our clan occupies Brazil, and we were hit by a shrine (one of the powers in momentum) and over 2 million people killed. She gathered this blood and stored it, along with the souls of those that died. In this attack she opened a rift and let the blood flow into the large room where she was.

Now then, any suggestions?

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11:06p - 3.5 and sourcebooks
Reading through pages and pages of feats that simply boil down to +2 to 2 skills..how about this simple rule. Skill focus becomes +3 to one skill or +2 to 2. Would simplify things a whole lot really.

Of course then WoTC couldn't point to all the cool new feats but still :)

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11:09p - Roleplayers Wanted
I roleplay, on AOL. Or I did, until I decided I didn't want to pay for the account anymore. I play free form only, and I like to think of myself as "elite" in writing style (not a thesarus humper), but a little nicer in attitude. I don't have a minimum post rule, though I usually find myself writing 3-4 per standard action if things are flowing as they should be. I do this for writing, because I enjoy it. But my dillema is that I no longer have AOL, and therefore, cannot find people to continue story lines with me.

I am open to most anything, except purly sexual roleplay scenarios/storyilnes (though the basis of a storyline revolving around it is not out of the question). I prefer medieval, but I am open to modern. I try to keep magic use to a minimum though, and that only in medieval. I am searching for male characters (though not anti-female players, but prefer male) to play romantic storylines more particularily. Hopefully this will aid me in my love of playing.

Any more questions, please ask...either here, or contact me through AIM chat medium: StarsNyght. If this medium is not accesibile, just ask.

Thank you.

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