July 23rd, 2003



I've been looking for a good PBEM to join for a while now, but I've noticed a weird trend: the vast majority of PBEMs out there aren't for RPGs at all. Oh, well, they'll claim to be a RPG, but it's actually just a bunch of people pretending to be Harry Potter or Britney Spears or X-Men or Buffy or some other character out of a WB teen melodrama. The hell?

Where'd the actual RPGs go? I mean, those freeform mutating fanfictions (I have no idea what else to call them; they're not RPGs as I define them) are fine for the people who are into them, but that obviously isn't me. Even pbem.com and especially rpg_promo have a lot of those games advertised. Original characters are an anathema, of course. Which I understand, since most of them turn out to be Mary Sues anyway. Ew! Ick! Etc. :)

Where'd the old-fashioned kind of RPGs go? With the rules and the dice and the original characters and such. Not just PBEMs, but lj communities about specific aspects of them (i.e. bad players). The majority of RPG communities I find outside of this one are really more about the FMF players than people who play traditional RPGs. Am I poking my head in the wrong groups? Did the usual keywords change on me? I feel like such a dinosaur.

And not that I think anyone would, but no, this isn't about the merits or evils or virtues about RPGs vs freeform players, so please don't leave comments about that. I really don't want to hear anything on that matter. I'm just surprised by this evolution and am curious about where I should be looking. Especially given the fact that my own RPG interests are limited. I'm not quite a newbie, but not exactly experienced. I'm still feeling out what games I like and which ones I'd be willing to learn to like. And sometimes, I'd just like to be able to read about other people's gaming horrors/triumphs without it being on a forum about a specific game or gaming company. If that makes sense.

For example: KenzerCo's boards are nice, but I don't always want to hear about Hackmaster. Ditto White Wolf's boards. I love Changeling, but I'd like to read about something besides how just because Amazon has Kithbook: Boggan for sale, the line's snowball just got its special refrigerated section in Hell. And ... uh, I don't even know where to hang out with Earthdawn or Shadowrun players. :)

Does this make sense at all? I know I'm rambling...


ive gone and got stuck on this idea...

problem is - im not that experienced..... nor any kind of storyteller yet.... so we need people who feel like being the creative force - at least initially.

the idea of seperate communities for seperate settings of the game has arisen, and i really like this idea. i have a code that i could donate for one, and im sure if there are enough people interested there wont be that many problems finding more.

id like to see this build in to a big web of a game - LJ seems like such a perfect format for something on this level.

i have plenty of time, but i would really REALLY appreciate someone who is a little bit more advanced in their knowledge of the games to help me get started. i would also like to have quite a big group of moderators etc as it will be easier for all involved as well as generating far more creative ideas.

so - anyone who is interested in formulating the basics - leave a message here and we'll get down to it! and anyone who has any input on how it should be run..... i want to keep it very open and involving everyone.

.:.EDIT.:. and if any of you know of any other RPG communities that may have ppl interested (this one is not that active, most of the time) please repost this over there! i want a bunch of people to get involved.... maybe being overly adventurous but if it got bigger enough we could even incorporate the lupes, mages etc...

Journal for Mutants and masterminds

Hello all,

I`m griff_wolf and have a second journal, this one under the name of Dupont_Journal, for my character from the Mutants and Mastermind game that I`m a member of here in Bristol, UK.

The journal is so that all the diary entries that I make for my character can be stored somewhere communially.

Each week after a session i`ll be writing up the characters view as a diary entry and posting it on the journal, along with updates of what the characters stats and things are like.

Just thought i`d let everyone know in case your were interested


Pierre Du-Pont aka Griff_wolf