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Saturday, July 19th, 2003
There's also two other things I wanted to say about this Buffy game. One: I would prefer to have mostly original Characters, but if you can give me a good enough story for why someone like Zander or Willow are in Denton, i'll allow it. Two: If I can also get enough people interested in it that live here in Dallas, I'll probably just run it table top, but if most of the people, it's not going to be possible to meet at someone's house on a semi regular basis, online it will be.
Also, just because a character died in the series, doesn't nessecerally mean I'll not let you play them. If you can give me a damned good story on why they are still alive, I might let you play one of them.

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2:20p - Please vote for the world you are interested in playing from or in!
MU* Poll: http://www.livejournal.com/users/koma_chan/218297.html

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5:48p - You can apparently now take college courses for RPGs and MMORPGs.

And one of the course requirements involves playing Everquest.

More information here:

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I'm moving to England in less than a month, and am frantically trying to sell most of my books. I have Vampire: The Masquarade (main book--going for $30 at the White Wolf site) and The Vampire Players Guide: Second Edition (no players guide even seems to be listed at the site, but I know it was similar in price to the other when I bought them). They're both hardbound, in perfect condition (never really used--we played Call of Cthulhu more). I'd like to have $15 each for them before shipping and handling---will calculate s&h if anyone offers to buy them. They ARE very nice ;)

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