July 17th, 2003

Characters You Can't Play

There's been some discussion among my RL friends, of late, about the sorts of boundaries people are unwilling to cross, even in roleplay. I, for instance, will not PC--NPCing is different, naturally, as is playing as a villain in a one-shot LARP--a character I can't respect. This doesn't mean that I always play squeaky-clean hero types, but it does mean that my characters at least adhere to my quasi-Viking moral code. All of my characters will try to stand on their own, will be relatively reluctant to make a public crying-type scene, and will try not to hurt innocent people to further their own ends. A friend of mine can't play characters without loyalty, while another can't crossplay.

So, what about you guys? What sort of characters do you find it really hard to play?


D&D 3.5

I just purchased all three books yesterday on Amazon.com and it was dirt ass cheap. I got three books of $30 value for $63 and some change. And on top of that, I didn't have to pay for shipping. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on these books. I've seen people comment on how they fixed things that weren't broken and yada yada...

Well, Wizards did make a few adjustments and clarifications. Some rules that were messy were cleaned up, some added, and character classes were adjusted to clarify that class's role in the world.

For those interested and haven't seen, I've included some links that explain some of the changes and what not.

Info found on pages 300-301 of the DMG

Haste revised

DMG Table of Contents

Author notes on class adjustments


D&D 3.5 Update PDF

I've heard there is supposed to be a downloadable PDF that has all the 3.5 changes. It was supposed to be available the day the books came out but it's been almost a week and I still haven't seen it. Anyone know if this is out yet?

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I know I've seen alternate mounts somewhere, and I need them now. I want to play a half-ogre in full plate, but a warhorse can't come close to holding that up, even as a heavy load. Anyone remember which book that was in?
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DnD 3.5

I'm getting this tomorrow (Friday).

I heard from a long time DnD player who liked the changes in 3.0 that it's good.

I'll be getting mine (all 3) from my local game store for $60...maybe cheaper than that.

So expect a post late Sunday...after I absorb everything in it.