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Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
9:50a - Looking for a RPG group near Seattle, WA
check out SeattleRPG, this is a community I started for the sole purpose of finding and starting up a group. There are some entries that are looking like a start to a well made group.

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12:44p - Question for long term D&D players...
...re: Druidic weapons limitation in 3rd ed.

Maybe I'm slow and I'm missing something obvious, but can anyone explain to me the logic behind the specific weapons druids are and aren't allowed to use?

Why a scimitar, but no other sword? Why not bows? Was there a explanation for this in previous editions beyond "druidic code doesn't allow it"?

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Don't know how many people have seen this but:


He talks about some of the D&D 3.5 changes and its not making me happy.


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2:17p - Mutants and Masterminds
Anyone playing this one? I picked it up over the weekend and it looks like a fun system. I think I will be running a one off with some friends pretty coon to try it out.

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2:44p - Bookkeeper's Rant #138: The problem with heroes...
...is that who needs 'em?

I truly love the Forgotten Realms, but it seems to me that it's better built for evil campaigns these days than heroic ones. You can't hardly turn over a rock without finding a harper/moonstar/silver falcon/purple dragon waiting in the wings to shut down darkness. If, by some remote possibility, you do become a threat to humanity, A Chosen of Mystra wipes you from the map in a drive-by blasting. It has become something of an epidemic.

AEG, while creating more dangerous worlds, has similar troubles. Their worlds continue to morph out from underneath players. The big bad guys already have enemies. PC-types are too often witnesses to history, rather than makers of it. I think a progressing storyline is not a bad idea, letting characters face the facts of progress. But there's little room for the players to insert themselves.

This is becoming more widespread as time goes on. New games either leave no room for heroic parties of PCs (Forgotten Realms) or turn a cynical sneer at the notion of heroism (World of Darkness anyone?). Where's the game where a group of PCs are fighting for more than loot? How about a game where you build a stronghold not as a place to stash your 143rd +1 Longsword, but as a bulwark against the darkness? How about one enemy, just one, that no pre-established character has been planning for? Just one bad guy that only the PCs can stop because no one else was there waiting.

Heroism has to mean more than just killing the next Orc in his 10x10 room. If you're going to put neat ideas things into a game book, they should have some use in the game other than word-count padding. Gentle readers, how many of you have encountered this problem of the really cool pre-written antagonists in your favorite games being opposed by pre-written protagonists. Which games do you find are worst about it? Which do you find are not so bad, or even good about it? Share with the group, won't you?

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7:11p - Developer interview
Apologies for the crosspost, if you're also on d20modern.

I've got an interview lined up on my site, WolfSpoor, with Bruce Baugh, developer of the upcoming d20 Modern Gamma World.

All questions are submitted by fans. For more information, click here. To submit your questions, go here.

Add wolfspoor to your friends list for White Wolf/Sword & Sorcery related news and stuff.

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