July 13th, 2003


Do Something Cool - Sirens

Hey kids. This is the first of (hopefully) many weekly posts on the Roleplayers Community where I select some RPG beastie, and you guys try to think up the coolest idea/scenerio/plot around them.

You can come up with something for whatever game you want, and this something cool can be anything from a random encounter to a giant plot to a spooky bit of imagery or whatever.

Simply post your cool idea as a reply to this post in as many or as few words as you want. The various readers of the Roleplayers Community can post comments or replies to your idea, and whoever gets the most positive feedback is the winner. As the winner you get no prize, but you can feel all cool about yourself and brag to all your loser friends.

This week's contest is the Siren. She's a beatiful woman (or sometimes a beautiful woman with a bird body for her lower half. Those wacky Greeks.) She hangs out with her Siren girlfriends near rocky shores and sings a beautiful song that lures sailors to their bloody, rocky deaths. Then assumedly she feasts on the bloody dying sailors.

That's pretty cool.

Your job is to come up with a scerio or scene or plot or whatever for the game of your choosing, involving our dear friends the Sirens.

Hopefully we get some cool replies.
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Random idea: pay-for-GMing

I was just thinking about how it is that I keep finding new (or old) roleplaying games I'm into, but don't have anything resembling a gaming group either in real life or (mostly) on the 'net. And then an idea occurred to me.

A long while ago, some writers talked about the idea of forming a new form of "patronage," called the Storytellers' Bowl. The idea was based on a similar notion called the Street Performer Protocol, which is essentially taking the paradigm of publish-then-sell and flipping it around: an installment of a work is posted, then a number of people pre-pay for the next one, and after enough money is collected, the next installment is published.

The idea I had was to do something similar for game-mastering. Put up a campaign idea ("I'd like to play in a campaign where members of the 1920s-era Aeon Society find the plans for H.G. Wells's time machine, and a note that the Time Traveller has gone back in time to the Second Age of Man, and it turns out he needs to be rescued from the Immaculates") and pledge a certain amount of money as payment for a Storyteller (of the gamemastering persuasion) to prepare and run said campaign. Let a few more would-be players who like the idea chime in with their payments, and then an aspiring GM can decide whether the money that's put up is worth his time to run an online campaign.

Yeah, I know there are any number of reasons why such a notion wouldn't work, but as deprived of gaming companionship as I am, I wish there were something that would.
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