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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Thursday, July 10th, 2003
I'm going to be running my first ever Whitewolf game soon, Exalted to be specific. Any tips or suggestions on what I should pay attention to/avoid? I'm making sure to read over all of the background carefully, and am thinking of having each player play through the change to exalted.

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5:42p - Group Cohesion
In a great number of my campaigns, things don't go quite right due to lack of cohesion within the group.

On several of my campaigns, players have written up characters who are either unbelieveably antisocial or utter assholes who don't work or play well with others, and in some cases, out and out sociopaths.

Then there's the arrogant primadonnas who have to remain in the spotlight, and cheat the rest of the players out of playtime due to their antics.

Then sometimes, the conflicting personalities simply cause group cohesion to break down and just makes everything harder on the group and on the GM (that being ME).

How do you all keep your groups from coming apart at the seams, other than throwing something at them to make them work together? Cause I've tried that, and it don't work.

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