July 3rd, 2003


I have a question for the rpg community.

We have a player in our group who is a complete and utterly slob, lives in a room with where he lays his uneaten food and just throws his trash on the floor, his bed is on the floor with roaches.
What is more disconcerting is several of us in the group, we've been on road trips with this dude, and we've never once seen him bath or shower, needless to say he is on most days repugnent smelling and quiet strong.
jrcubindy, carados, and myself refuse to pick him up for gaming sessions, we don't want that smell in our cars, me esspically I rather like to think that my neat freak habits keeps my nice little camaro super clean.
One of our refs, David Bruce, refuses to say anything to him for free of loosing a mediocare player, this player refuses to learn the rules, hardly pays attention to our games and is there to mess up the GM's train of thought and get free food.

What would be the suggestion from the community? carados and I don't really like the guy in all but it's generally not in my home that we play, this weekend it's in my house and I don't want it stunkified if I can avoid it.
My current thought is to take my huge bottle of squirtable freebze downstairs, and as much as I hate scented candles burn those... and put down bedsheets over the love seats and recliners.
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