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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
9:04p - Rpg forum
Hello everyone, you are all invited to join a rpg message board that has been around for awhile now. Create a character, open a buisness, do just about whatever you want. You can buy equipment and items, fight monsters and gain exp. Come and see for yourself!


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Anyone know a spot online where I can find a good Spooky Old Mansion layout/map?

While we're at it, I've been on something of a free .PDF kick, so if anyone can recomend some sites with cool games or adventures or monsters (for whatever system, I'll be converting them over to Savage Worlds most likely).

While I'm asking, I'll go ahead and recomend Dragonsfoot to anyone who's looking for PDF maps or D&D adventures or what have you.

Later, gracias in advance.

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