June 28th, 2003

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i've been tossing around the idea of trying to run a game for a small group of friends. but as someone who hasn't been dm before and isn't very spontaneous, i'm leary of doing so.

any suggestions for people starting on the dm path?
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hey guys..

i REALLY hope someone is reading this befor ei have to go...

i'm makeing a thrurge for a werewolf larp...something i've never done before. i'm kind of confused about which abilities to buy and where toput extra points. does anyone know what abilities and traits theurges MUST have? i gotta make this within 30 mins!

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thanks for everyone's help!

i just got backf rom my CANCELED game....no one showed up because it was an off schedule game...so i didn't need to freak out anyways...

but its all good. i'll probably get extra XP for next game ;-)

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