June 26th, 2003

I really have no opinion either way

I was wondering, what do you people think about the Neutral Alignment? I find it easy to play Good or evil, but Neutral keeps boggeling me. I tried True Neutral once I didn't care about anything and was totally indicive...I don't think thats how it's suppose to go. Anyone have a different take on Neutral?
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Whats in a name (x-posted)

Im looking for name suggestion for a guild my theif character apperently has the ability to have created. He has the feat leadership, and is 25 lv rogue and 10 lv shadow dancer, with a +5 charisma modifier. This is enough to bring together a fairly large group. Question is i was wondering if anyone had neat ideas for a name of the guild.

Guild Information/
Alighnment: Chaotic Neutral
Focus Members: Rogues (and the like), a few spell casters
Mission: To relieve wizards who hoard magical items greedily from the public and see that they are put into more noble or needed hands. (sort of a robin hood style)
Number: Not sure yet, but im pretty sure about over 100
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