June 24th, 2003


Doldrums (Rant)

Well the other night I went to play in a 3rd edition D&D game. I had some fun for the first session but when I did more research, the race I decided on wasn't all that great. The GM is running a high level campaign (20th starting out) which is great! But the race, called Slaad,are Chaos incarnate. Eat, fight, Power is all they care about.

So back to the drawing board. It doesn't help that most of the group isn't interested in ROLE playing. More like Hack-and-slash, Ugh. But with a little talk with the GM and he promised that he has RPing plans in mind for me while the rest of the group goes of on a hack fest. :D So that made me feel better.

Has anyone else ever played so many 1-3 session games that they got burned out? What I mean is this: Hey let's play [insert game name here] Sure! [Create characters 1hr. goof off and look for food 2 hrs. Finally play 1 1/2 to 2 hrs.] Then by 2-3 game sessions later the game is dropped and about 2 weeks to a month another game is started and you have to create a whole new character and the cylce beings again.

So now that my rant is done...I'll go find my new race for my character, *sigh* :D Heh.
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