June 23rd, 2003

journal: keep it secret/safe

Curious... Should I be flattered and leave it at that?

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I'm not sure Im entirely comfortable with this..
About a week ago, someone asked where they could find general info sites on pbp gaming, online gaming etc. Well I of course am always eager to promote my Online Gaming 101 site, so I sent him there. He thanked me, said it was just what he was looking for, etc. I gently reminded him that if he used anything from the site, I'd appreciate some credit,link back, etc.

So I checked today to see if they had.. and they did, the entire SECTION I wrote on pbp gaming is what their player FAQ is made of.
Now, part of me is flattered. Part of me is pretty darn proud. However, a larger part of me is uneasy that THIS much of my info is being used on someone else's site, even though it IS linked back to my site.

Is it just me being overwhelmed, is this the normal procedure for RPG sites? Should I be worried? Should I just be glad I'm getting "exposure?"

I still think I'd like to see something like, "Written by Kymberly "Tygress Shay, Online Gaming 101", but I dont know if that's appropriate.. Advice would be appreciated. Flames ignored ;)

For those curios, the original site is HERE, and yes it is copyrighted. Albeit a 'poor man's' copyright, but done, nonetheless...

I probably didn't make myself clear enough. He DID ask.. sort of, and I implied permission, as long as he linked back, which he did. I just wonder now if I should have been more specific, not realizing how much of it he was going to actually use.. ?

I have emailed him, actually, asking him to give me a name credit in addition to the site link... we'll see.