June 18th, 2003

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Finding a gaming group

I've got a problem. See, I've got a great gaming group right now, but I'm going to be relocating about five hundred miles away for college this fall. I've gone down to the college town and, in locating the library, grocery stores, etc., I have found that they have no shops that carry roleplaying games - there's a Warhammer store, but they have no RPGs. Only thing I could find was Borders, which had a large RPG section compared to the Borders back home.

So my question is: how do you go about finding a gaming group at college? I've checked the internet and couldn't find much mention of RPGs in the college town at all. I'm about ready to start making bookmarks to stick inside the RPG books at Borders... Maybe I'm planning ahead a bit too much, but I really enjoy roleplaying and don't want to get stuck without anyone to play with.
Cissy Smooch

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After 5 months of no rping, tonight is the night that it all changes... my husband is running a Planescape game.. I will be playing a wild elf/tiefling call Agben'yaga (N'yaga, for short). She is a ranger/fighter.

salith, my love, you will do just fine tonight.. dont worry..
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