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Thursday, June 12th, 2003
12:54p - Game Homework
How many of you have experience with Game Homework? By this I mean blue-booking, write-ups, art, session logs or journals, game related fiction, or whatever, handed in semi-regularly for some kind of reward (even if just a pat on the head or filling in a missing part of a character's background).

How many of you have used this successfully?

In my limited experience with this form success has been mixed.

In L5R my artist friend created a nice "art file" including all the players' characters, and some noted NPCs.

However in LARP, where from 33% to 75% of a thirty to fifty player group could be expected to submit write-ups for a monthly game... ...or where over one year of my write-ups asking a variety of questions and indicating a number of actions only about 33% of them received more than a check mark and a scribbled "2" indicating I'd earned my bread and butter experience points.


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8:09p - Sheet in the works, V:tM
If anyone has a moment, could you look over this sheet, and tell me what you think? It's still very much in-progress, and it's for WoD Vampire.

Thanks much!

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9:02p - Looking for some Feedback
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