June 9th, 2003

the future is in steam

Community Idea

(Cross Posted to several communities)

I came up with an Idea for a community where artists (written or drawing/sketching) come up with a different character each day and post it.

Just one sketch, drawing, with a little blurb.

In the case of a writer, a bigger blurb.

Would anyone of you be interested in such a community?

Daily might be tough, we won't enforce it, but only people who want to post regularily if not daily need apply.

Let me know!
MIP Sith
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The Sunless Citadel

So I'm running a group through the Sunless Citadel (a 1st level mod for DnD 3rd).

It's sooo funny seeing how paranoid the party members are. Looking for traps constantly, trying to figure out what everything they see means and such.


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the future is in steam

Livin' the Paper Life

(Cross-posting all over the place)

The new character design community is a go!

There will be a weekly theme, but no limit to how many characters you can develop in that week.

Writers! Artists! Join and post and ask questions and brainstorm and have fun! :)

Can't wait to meet you all!