June 6th, 2003

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I need an RPG group BAD Paper/Pencil only please!!!

For a Seattle WA RPG group

I need a good group with an elaborate world and plenty of history. I like the players being strong enough to figure out what should be done and not laying that responsibility on the DM. I would be interested to drive to many locations in or around Renton (Seattle) WA.

I have played (and enjoyed) most Whitewolf (Vampire is my FAV of Whitewolf), D&D 2E and *3E*, Palladium - ninjas and superspys as well as Nightbane were my most fun characters. I would also like to check out starwars or, if people still play, Shadowrun.

I have been out of the gaming scene for 6 months because I had been tired of the monotonous, uninteresting stuff I had been playing before. I could only stand killing rats and snakes and digging in their hindquarters for the loot interesting for a minuet or so. Seattle disappointed me from a role-playing standpoint when I first moved here. I found a group and no one had a car but me! I was driving around for 2 hours and then had a repulsive game that quickly dissolved into a food gorge-fest!

Please, Please, Please EMAIL @ doctor-xavier@attbi.com

Comments suggestions on my character: Crackle

Clr3 / Rog 9
Race: Fire Mephit Small Outsider (fire)
Aligntment: Chaotic Neutral
Dieties: Oldimmara
Home Region: Calimshan
Languages: Alzhedo (given)
- Bonus: Common, Dwarven, Ignan

Mage hand 1 / day Magic Missile 1 /hr 3rd level sorc Heat Metal 1 /day 6th lvl sorc
Darkvision granted by Grondar
STR: 15 DEX: 21 CON: 16 INT: 16 WIS: 15 CHA: 17 HP: 87 FORT: 9 RFLX: 12 WILL: 8
Melee: +11 Ranged: +12 Initiative: +9
AC: 26 Touch: 17 Flat-Footed: 26
Composite Shortbow, Mighty +2 STR Rapier +3, Keened Sap
Studded Leather Armor +1, Shadowed
Alchemy: +4 Appraise: +9 Balance: +7 Bluff: +17 Concentration: +9 Decipher Script: +8 Diplomacy: +5
Disable Device: +20 Gather Info: +4 Hide: +50 (DEX +5, Ranks +15, misc mod +30) Innuendo: +3
Intimidate: +5 Knowledge, Arcana: +7 Knowledge, Religion: +5 Knowledge, Dragons: +4 Listen: +7
Move Silently: +26 Open Lock: +22 Pick Pocket: +7 Search: +18 Spell Craft: +11 Spot: +22 Use Magic Device: +20
Special Abilities:
Fire Subtype Breath Weapon cone of fire 15' d8 dmg DC 12
Fast healing when touching a flame as large as a torch or better.
DR: 5/+1 30' walk, 50' fly (average)* Score Mods: INT: +2 DEX: +2 CHA: +4 Summon Mephit 1/day
Rogue Features: You already new this *edit
Cleric Features: You already new this *edit
Domains: - Trickery Domain - Luck Domain
- Craft Wonderous Items - Improved Initiative (free feat)
- Point Blank Shot - Precise Shot - Quick Draw - Quicker than the Eye
- Glove of storing - Hat of Disguise - Heward's Handy Haversack - Keened Rapier +3 - Mighty Composite Shortbow +2 STR - Ring of Natural Armor +1 - Ring of Prot +1 - Shadowed Leather Armor +1 (+10 to hide)
- Cloak of Elvenkind (+10 to hide)
Entanglement x4, Shield x24 (cast as 1st level), Identify x3, Invisibility x3, Endurance x10
Knock x1, Cat's grace x1, Pyro x1, Melf's Acid Arrow x1, Stinking Cloud x1, Cause Fear x1
Web x1, Spider Climb x1, Alarm x1, Change Self x1, Reduce x1
Bull's Strength x2, Cure Serious Wounds x1, Potion of CHA x2, Cat's Grace x1,
Haste x1, Neutralize Poison x1, Glibness x1
Wand of CSW (3d8+5); Wand of Fireball 6th lvl; Wand of Fireball 10th lvl; Wand of Magic Missile 3rd lvl
Wand of Detect Magic
Arrows: 79 Arrows +1: 13 Bolts: 50 Candles: 5 Sun Rods: 1 Tangle Foot Bags: 1 Thunder Stones: 1
Torch: 13 Trail Rations: 10 Oil: 10 Caltrops: 75 Moonshine: 10 Alkemest Fire: 4 Smoke Sticks: 4
Dust of Timelessness: 1
* Any way I can increase the rate or ability to which I can fly. b/c currently I fly at average, I would like to be at good or perfect it at all possible?

**Ok I have edited this LJ is this better?

To give some more background.
1st the DM that I'm playing with stacks the bonuses from the cloak and the armor.
2nd yes I did have MW theives tools the the inventory but forgot to add them into the sytem for you!
3rd the elc +6 for the mephit was reduced to a ecl of +3 but I didn't get the HD from the mephit.
4th the I choose the CN alignment for the fact that I'm playing a rogue 1st a cleric 2nd. I enjoy the fact that the description is a "free spirit" for the CN alignment.
5th the skills are modified as such:
Hide +10 (+6 racial, +4 size)
Bluff +10 (racial)
Move Silently +6 (racial)
Spot +6 (racial)

6th the gold was starting out as a 3rd level character i believe 2700 gp? Also I have been running guy who takes everything the DM gives him and sells it off if it doesn't help his cause!

I took the craft wonderous item feat in order to build myself a belt of weild skill:
Magic of Faerun:
Level: Clr 1 (Gond)
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Target: Creature touched
Duration: 1 minute/level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: Yes

This spell imbues the subject with a touch of divine guidance. The subject gains a +10 compentence bonus on a skill check of your choice. If the target has no ranks in the skill, she functions as if she had a half rank in the skill, and therefore is considered trained in the skill (although this half rank adds nothing to her rolls with that skill).
Alternatively, the target gains proficiency with a single weapon (simple, martial, or exotic) or type of armor (light, medium, heavy, or shield) as if she had the appropriate feat.

Would you allow this to stack with the other skills currently updated, hide, move silently.
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