May 31st, 2003


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hello all!

well after lurking awhile (while i was interested/owned a few d&d and wod books but had never played), then not, then lurking a bit again i have finally decided to join the community.

this year i finally got to play (a 3e freeport based campaign with a group of friends at college) but alas our game is on hold for the summer so i need a gaming fix some how and what better way than hearing experiences and discussions. lol

our dm is going to try a buffy game starting next thursday for a couple of us who are in the area. does anyone have suggestions/oppinions/recommendations/etc. about the btvs rpg?
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a cliche topic for RPGs

I'm looking for some mood music to play during a sci-fi RPG.
I would like to avoid classical music at all costs, and I've put together a compilation of early-90s grunge rock songs (non-hits from Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc. albums) and I'm looking for mood music that would be good for space combat.
Remember: Avoiding orchestral music at all costs

Looking for a group in Northwest Ohio

I'm spending this summer in Oberlin Ohio and I'm looking for a group to play with. I can also GM if people don't have a group but are interested in playing. I GM Shadowrun, AD&D 2nd, Earthdawn, and Exalted.

I can play most weeks and I will be able to anticipate my schedule in advance. I'm looking for games that are fun with a mix of roleplaying and general beatdown. I'm open to learning new games. Please respond here if you can help me.