May 30th, 2003


GM looking for players in NYC/NJ (Jersey City) area

I've lost a few players to moves and hectic work schedules, so I've decided it's time to start from scratch once more.

I want to run a game. I'm fairly open-minded about the type of game, so what really matters is getting a player base that can meet on a regular basis. I'm out in Jersey City, a quick hop, step, and jump away on the PATH train (usually about a 15 minute ride with 5 minutes walking time), and would like to be able to play in my new spacious living room so that I don't have to lug my library through the subway.

What I'm Looking For:

Players who enjoy a healthy mix of role-playing and strategy/gamesmanship. My games tend to lean away from extremes of either sort. I'm not looking for people who have an aversion to fleshing out a background and speaking as their character, but I'm also not interested in budding thespians who have a neurotic dislike of rolling dice. I am looking for players who will enjoy writing a page or two of character history, appreciate the beauty (or horror) involved in the mechanics of certain game systems, and who will genuinely enjoy getting to know their fellow players.

What I'm Running:

I'm interested in a variety of games. Here are my top picks of what I'd be interested in running (in overall order of interest):

Mutants and Masterminds, Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 (homebrewed campaign world several years running), Call of Cthulhu (modern era), Kult (with heavy system modifications), Nobilis.

Ideally I'd like to run once every 1-2 weeks. Time will be flexible to accomodate schedules, but I generally prefer weekday nights to leave everyone free to do their own thing on the weekend. Drop me a line if interested and in the area!

Savage Worlds

Cross posted from my journal when I realised it was more relevant here.

I may not have mentioned this, but Savage Worlds kicks a mighty huge bucket of arse. It's a combination of Deadlands w/ Warhammer in rules feel - and it's so, so shiny.

Best RPG system ever? Maybe, maybe not. System that makes me feel all funny inside? Darn tootin'

Pinnacle have their act in gear, without a doubt. There's just so much to like in Savage Worlds. There's no setting in the basic book - just 144 pages of rules. Everyone of them fitting into an elegant melange of clever, interesting, fast, usable mechanics. I'm fussy about mechanics. I like them real, real light. Mutt was a good example of this.

Well, Mutt is getting binned - I doubt I'll ever run a game with it, as Savage Worlds does it all better.

And there's one thing that SW does so much better than any other game I've played. Big combat. 20+ a side combats. Whoa baby. Just reading the rules left me with ten or twenty solid ideas for scenarios, events etc that would be impossible under almost any other system. Including systemless.

Rampaging hordes that are actual hordes. Heroes fighting the last stand, 300 Spartans style (also do-able, I might add, but better as the "20 spartans") dramatic, cinematic, system cranking high speed mechanics of joy.

Thorf, check it out. It will make you happy. It's mechanics for roleplaying that approach elegance. If you have a linear scale running from D&D->80's style wargame (Axis and Allies, Warhammer)->German Board Game -> Chess -> Go then SW sits somewhere around the German Boardgame w/ some special case rules.

What makes those special cases unique is that they're all elegant extensions, rather than "yet another clunky special case" - which moves it ahead of 80's wargame. Sure, it's not Go - but for an RPG, the place it's sitting is freakin' amazing.

Looking for good Supers game

My group is not the type for Champions, so I've narrowed it down to SaS or M&M.

M&M looks pretty promising, but I'm a little wary of D20 Supers in theory. SaS looks rules-light enough to be pretty swinging for a superhero project.