May 28th, 2003


Metagaming? Yes/No _

So I have a beef. Maybe someone will sympathize.

So in the V:tM LARP I play in, my character was recently made Keeper (the Seneschal of the city was killed, and our old Keeper got moved into Seneschal). After the old Seneschal was dead, my character asked the other Primogen (she was Primogen at the time) who they thought would be a good Keeper if the old Keeper moved up, mentioning to the Nosferatu and the Gangrel that she'd kind of like the position, and explaining why: (1) she's a Malkavian: Auspex and Dementate [Passion down] are incredibly useful skills for a Keeper to have. (2) She was sick of the old Keeper turning a blind eye to people in power bringing weapons onto Elysium. ((She's a Visionary nature with a strong desire to "fix" the Camarilla... what better way to start doing that than become Keeper?))

So. The Elysium after the old Seneschal dies rolls around. The Prince announces, towards the end, that the old Keeper will, indeed, be his new Seneschal. Great. So now it's time to campaign to the other Primogen for her cause.

She manages to convince the Ventrue Primogen - more or less the leader of the Council - that it's a good idea. ((The Ventrue Primogen is kind of surprised that someone WANTS to be Keeper, but more or less agrees that she could probably do a good job.)) She doesn't have a chance to talk to anyone else - though she does mention that her "opponent" in the bid for Keeper might be a bad choice because of his allergy to metal. Taking guns away/getting shot might be a problem with that, yanno?

Anyway. So the Primogen get together, and - except for the Tremere, who wanted her clanmate in - it's more or less unanimous that my character would make a decent Keeper. Hell, even the OPPONENT says she'd be a good Keeper. (He wound up getting made Sheriff afterwards...) So the Ventrue Primogen presents the idea to the Prince, who agrees and appoints my character Keeper.

Small backstory, now: I'm very good friends with the guy who plays the Prince. Earlier in the story, my character had been living with him (for his own protection: there was an arsonist loose in the city, hunting Kindred, and she wanted to be sure that he didn't die). Someone pointed out - in character, which I was fine with - that some people might get the wrong idea [that I was metagaming was the implication]... and use her against the Prince. (Something she would abhor.)

Well, she caught the hunter... and then managed to lose her. So, figuring that the hunter might come after HER, she leaves - no note, turns off her cell phone, goes under radio silence until the hunter is caught (happening shortly). She avoids the Prince during Elysium, and cringes when she's forced to talk to him - she's petrified that he's angry at her for losing the hunter. I think she's said all of three sentences to him in the past month, and those were about what to do with someone who broke the Tradition of Destruction that was in her clan.

Now... is my getting Keeper metagaming? The Prince was only spoken to in the very last moments of the bid for Keeper, and even then, it was the Ventrue Primogen on my characters' behalf. Apparently, this is metagaming. Somehow.

One of the people accusing me of this has been in the game with his character for maybe a month (a returning character, but I'd never met him in the six months I've played) and thought he should get it. ...did he mention this to anyone in-character? No. ...and if he'd gotten it, that wouldn't have been meta-gaming?

For the most part, I don't care; I'm pretty sure I'm in the right about this. It just makes me vaguely ill that people are being catty behind my back, rather than telling me to my face and giving me a chance to explain. Not that I think they'd LISTEN, but...
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Say you had a friend who would join gaming groups, even if they thought [knew] the group was going to go poorly, just to get to play. Would you consider them 'addicted' to gaming? What are some other signs that someone is addicted to gaming? Should you 'intervene' if this addiction doesn't decrease there work productivity, or there overall contentment?