May 27th, 2003


Faith in Roleplay:

(Disclaimer: I am painfully aware that any sort of faith/religion related topic is, by it's very nature, a touchy one. It is not my intent to start a flame war, and as such, put on the kid gloves, or better yet, don't even think of your fists at all. This is not only for the sakes of those other readers in the community [which I cannot even guess the size/diversity of] but for my poor inbox, and my still semi-virginal eyes. And so, on with the post in question.)

I was wondering if it was an issue, ever, in your campaigns (as players or DMs)? Faith, or religion, that is. Has it ever been a central theme or component in a session or game you've been involved in?

In my own experience, deities (so far as D&D goes) tend to fall to the sidelines in character creation. In fact, unless someone's playing a cleric (and sometimes even then) picking a patron deity tends to rank just below deciding what colour buttons the player wants on his vest.

In my short fiction, I'm spectacularly interested in faith/religion related characters/imagery/concepts (ie. the behaviours of a "higher power", their mental processes and perceived emotional makeup). I admit I'm less fascinated with those same concepts in their application to "the real world".

(Out of Character: *gets shot for blatant and continued use of the backslash.)

So I'm looking for your thoughts on the matter: Would you, if asked, consider playing in a game/campaign where faith/religious issues are explored/concentrated on? Why or why not? Thanks. Peace.

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