May 26th, 2003


Sad real life Roleplaying adventures.

Kendrick Jackson is a 24 year old technologist (i fix computers over the phone) from Dallas Texas. His hunting experience includes running in fear from rabbits and possums and various other small furry creatures throughout his life. This year at Scarbarough Faire in Dallas he purchased a LongBow made with black walnut wood finished with bamboo, a beautifully crafted bow for a skilled archer. This is the beginning of his tale.

Ok Robin Hood I am not.
Neitehr am I a first level archer or fighter or anywhere near the skill of an arcane archer. I am somewhere between Geeky city slicker and Geeky city slicker who has never used a bow. Somebody forgot to tell me something,
Bows are tough (doing head tilty blonde look)
So I didnt buy a bracer for my arm, cuz im a man dammit! so I didnt need one to protect my arm from the string snapping. BULLSHIT!
It hurt and it hurt bad, I shot it once the day I got it and no more that night. It reminded me fondly of the beatings I got as a kid for doing something stupid and or dangerous... ironically im grown now and I was doing something stupid and or dangerous when the pain hit...

The next day while in bed alseep I dreamed of the bow. and the pain some too, but mainly the bow. So I sprang from bed, then back to bed onto my woman, then out of the bed for the last time.
I grabbed an old sock a piece of cardboard from some anmie we got in the mail last week, some packing tape from the recent move, a pair of scissors, no not safety scissors, but real man scissor, dammit jim, then with amazing accuracy enough to make McGuyver himself consult the laws of physics and ingenious enough to make Tom Baker turn in his sonic screwdriver I made a bracer.
It was amazing and stopped the snapping pain.

Sadly, It helped me none. Out of 6 shots one sailed through a chain link fence out of reach and one imbeded itself in the wall of my apartment building and the others fell totally short and off the target.

I did however discover that 30 feet is indeed deadly accuracy, to anybody standing within 100 feet of me and my bow and not near the target.
It will try again later this week after some resting, apparently the 45lb pull is a bitch and hurts me like girl now that im at work and sitting down with the adrenaline rush far gone.

I will post again later the real life Roleplaying adventures of Kendrick.

Tossing out a line

I am fiending for game. As such I'm interested in hosting (either as an ST, or simply in providing a place to game) some V:tM. If anyone in the Eastside area of Washington (state, that is) is looking for same, drop a line. :)

A Hero will save me just in time

Werewolf Creation

Danny and I finally picked up Dark Ages Werewolf, and now that I actually have the book in hand, I've completely revamped the idea I had for the dark ages game. Instead of A homid Ragabash Shadow Lord, I'm playing a Lupus Ahroun Fianna. That definitely shows her Fey heritage. Still a Scout, and still Rank Three Adren. But I've always wanted to play a Fianna, and now seems to be my opportunity. Also thinking about not going with a Metis in the Wild West Game, but rather, a Uktena Homid Ragabash. Or not. I have not decided on either of those yet. Still working on the idea, or maybe a Philodox. I don't know. hmmm, a Ragabash Uktena whose main goal is to get the tribes to work together. And questions the distrust the other "Pure Ones" have about the immigrant tribes. Perhaps that is why she joined the others in the first place, to prove that they could work together. Thought of names for two of the characters, just trying to find one for the Wild West Character...Perhaps, Chases-the-Future, or Seeks-Tolerance. Maybe a little help from the peanut gallery. If anyone out there has played Wild West Werewolf, drop me a line, as I could use some ideas.
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