May 22nd, 2003

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any of you ppl like to screw around with the PCs minds when you GM? like if they're giving you a hard time they're like sneaking around in a building or something.. gotta be really quiet.. then they're leaving a room..

and all of a sudden WHAM.. they apparently forgot to -open- the door before they left.. or maybe have them roll a 20, and not tell them why.. a 1 they run into the door, fall on their ass and shout out an ouch.. or 20 they break completely thru the door making lots of noise..

or things like "are you actually taking the gun?" or "are you pushing the "on" button, or are you just telling the machine to turn on". just stuff to piss them off, and or keep them on your toes?
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Cool idea.

Not really new to the community, but I've never made an introduction either. So I'll start off by sharing an idea my gaming group and I are going to try. :)

Since my friends and I are getting our Matrix fix with the new movies coming out, we've decided to start playing the game the movie was basically ripped from... Shadowrun.

Since 3d came out, we never got to the new rules they came out with this time. So we decided to use the archtypes in the book to keep it nice, simple, and familiar. First, we start off with one character, mundane or magical, and then approximately after 20 karma points, we switch to another character. For instance, if we picked mundane the first time, we had to pick a magically active one the next so we got acquainted with all the rules. Our GM also likes to hand out 'Swoopie points' plus the actual karma handouts. With all the points added together, we could use karma from both characters plus the 'Swoopie points' to the characters we get to mold into our own.

Now if anyone is familiar with the Matrix in the game, it's very difficult for a Decker to play with the rest of the group because what they do takes up actual play time, with only a few minutes of in-game time. So it basically leaves the rest of the group out of the loop while the GM and Decker(s) play by themselves.

Two options to help this from happening are changing the rules so that Deckers work at the same time as the rest of the players in the 'real world' (which is lame since deckers should be quick with their business in the Matrix) or the whole group must be deckers.

The GM has decided to make a Matrix similar to the one with the movie (Hey, turn about is fair play.) and the points we add from our previous characters will help us 'manipulate' the Matrix more than mundane characters.

On a special note, we also have a friend who occasionally jumps in to play when he's free and the first adventure is to rescue him from the Matrix... and he has no idea, oog.

It's going to be awesome. ...Hopefully. :)
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I figured this'd be the place to post for sympathy.

I recently moved out of the last dorm I'll ever live in, following my graduation (66 Comm Ave at Boston College, if you're curious). In all the hustle and bustle of packing and moving, I forgot to empty the bottom drawer of my desk - the drawer that contains between $200 to $300 worth of RPG material.

It includes, but is not limited to:

  • All my Champions stuff, including the very expensive Hero 5th Edition book and the out-of-print Classic Enemies book;
  • All my Shadowrun stuff, including the near-pristine 3rd Edition FASA softcover (before WizKids bought it) and OOP books like Tir Tairngire, the Grimoire and Bug City;
  • The core rules for Amber Diceless, which I spent years searching for (not that hard to find, in reality, but the sentiment was there);
  • If memory serves, several OOP D&D modules, like the original Temple of Elemental Evil and the first adventures from which the Dragonlance Chronicles were based;
  • Core rules for Spycraft, BESM and Hong Kong Action Theatre;
  • Probably other things I'm forgetting.

It's a big loss, but it's been overshadowed by a lot of other great things that have happened to me recently (graduating college, getting a job, etc). Still, it's a little disheartening.

Moral of the Story: Pack early, and sweep your room thoroughly before leaving.
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I'm here, wasting my life at work (I really shouldn't complain, I get $10/hour to play Solitare), so I thought I'd pose a question to the group. I think it's been asked before, but it's a decent question, I think, so...

What's the most important thing any GM/ST/DM/etc. has ever told you? Or, alternatively, if your GM is taciturn, what's the most important thing a fellow roleplayer has ever told you?

Mine is: don't be afraid to shoot yourself in the foot. Greatest piece of advice ever. After three years of playing in campaigns where the point was to win win win, this was a refreshing breather and a huge wake-up call. Since I got that piece of advice, I've found my interest in the win-games decreasing, and my interest in LARP (where, at least in the groups I play in, there is no set "win" mark) increasing. The characters I play not only shoot themselves in the foot, but probably also in several other useful extremities (including, quite possibly, their heads). I've messed them up reeeal good, and I love every minute of doing it.

So what spurred your greatest roleplaying epiphany? :D OK, it doesn't have to be that earth-shattering, but yeah. Share!
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