May 18th, 2003

MIP Sith
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3.5 Ranger

Ok...what do you all think of the way the 3.5 Ranger is shaping up for DnD??

I really like,...alot better than what was in the PHB.

There are a few things that I question that the Ranger is getting in this new edition...but overall it's really good.

Just want to hear some thoughts on this...
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I've been thinking a lot, recently, about MUSHing versus tabletop/LARP games, because my interest in the former has been declining and I'm trying to figure out why. MUSHing is a more immersive experience, there's less suspension of disbelief to overcome--you're not getting the visual of a six foot guy when you're trying to picture a female hobbit or similar--and I frequently *do* think about the day-to-day stuff that my tabletop or LARP characters do. So, why the disinterest?

Part of it is that one reason I think about my characters' day-to-day life is the dynamics they have with other characters, dynamics that, for me, it takes adventures to provide. I don't bond with--or even talk to--people I meet randomly, and I can't imagine any of my characters doing so. (I consider those who talk to random people on the street to be a little annoying, frankly, and the mindset is just vastly alien to me.) Big incidents, adventures, or common backgrounds help, and it's easier to have those in a tabletop or LARP.

Yeah, there are plot events on MUSHes, but those are hampered by two things. One is the neccessary stasis of a MUSH setting--I'm not really going to change the world here, which is a bit disheartening. Still, I could deal, if not for the time issues. These are the major problems for me anyhow: I started MUSHing when I was your average friendless geek in the wilds of rural California and there was nothing to do for miles around. Eight years later, I'm a college student with, if not urgent Stuff to Do, at least distracting Stuff I Could Be Doing. Online scenes are hard to plan--tabletops are hard enough to schedule when everyone involved has a life, or at least plays several other games, and time zones and so forth only add to that--and, once they start, involve ten minutes or so a pose at times, some of it due to lag and other unavoidable things, some due to people taking ten minutes to type a half-screen pose, some just because. I increasingly lack patience for this.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Places where one can get good, eventful roleplay that doesn't take five hours?

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