May 16th, 2003


why The Matrix is a Mage: The Ascension variant

Using moments from the first movie, I'd like to highlight a few moments as game effects for the Mage system. I'm not too familiar with the Traditions (because I don't use them and tend to ignore their loyalties) so if some things might gel differently for someone who uses them. Keeping this in mind, magickal effects only work inside the Matrix and instead of Paradox, call it Strain. Strain resets to zero whenever you exit the Matrix, but is a limiting factor to how many effects you can use and how often you can apply them. Arete would effect how much Strain you get, and of course there are ways of avoiding Strain in certain areas of the Matrix.

There are a few spoilers below, so if you haven't seen the new Matrix film, Collapse )

Also, as part of my own personal tally, anyone who plays GURPS might be interested to know that the following books can so far be used to duplicate things from either Matrix movie:
Cyberpunk (Duh! This is what the movie seemed like it was going to be to anyone who walked in on opening day)
Supers (Agents dodge bullets, Neo flies, and everyone fights really really fast)
Vehicles (this would also be useful for creating the Nebuchadrezzar)
Mecha (anyone whose seen the second movie will have to recall what is guarding Zion)
Martial Arts (Another duh!)
Magic (Only if you want to use spells as a way of defining the powers that characters useinside the Matrix)
Fantasy Bestiary (see the second movie)
Horror (see the second movie)
Autoduel (car chase in second movie)
Robots (useful for creating the sentinels and the Agents could be equated as such inside the Matrix)
Illuminati (if you were paying attention in the second movie then this makes perfect sense)

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