May 13th, 2003


What was the name of that RP system...

Quite a number of years ago (back in the early 90's) I played an old west RP. Characters were ridiculously easy to make. If memory serves correct, they had a total of two main stats, speed and accuracy, both were percentages. Life expectancy in a gunfight was very very low. If you were hit you would roll % to see where and then another % to see how severe. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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Consistent Journey Templates:

Hello, new poster, I'll spare you details since there aren't very many to share. Glad to meet you all. I'm speaking exclusively of D&D, a homegrown version of Rifts and e-mail RPing in regards to my own experiences, but feel free to address my question through any system you'd like.

I've noticed that most of the campaigns run in my RP group tend to fall under the 'massive-wold-altering-quest' catergory. I suppose having an entire planet to use for setting is convenient for a number of reasons (ie. convenience of appropriate settings [or] massive possibilities for cultures/place/people the party can meet). We haven't really delved into a smaller RP environment, one restricted to a particular school (to use a convenient example).

I was wondering if the world spanning quest was the norm in your own RPing circle. I know our group is pretty fickle, in that long pauses between sessions tend to execute campaigns more often than not (we haven't actually concluded a single one, so far). Do you prefer a specific "type" of game? Why/Why not?

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