May 9th, 2003


A mild discussion

I am starting to dip into the Unisystem group of games, published by Eden Studios. For the past two years or so I have been playing mostly Gurps based games (a little d20 here and there, as well). It didn't take me any time to notice that the Unisystem has a fairly good Generic set of rules, equal to if not better than Gurps. Anyone out there have experience with both systems? If so, which do you prefer? For what reason?
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My introduction to gaming

I played my first game of Dungeons & Dragons in 1984 at the tender age of six. I unsuspectingly walked up to a table on the second floor of my school in San Francisco and sat down next to a Red Box Set. When the DM at the table asked each person who they wanted to be, I pointed at the picture of the cleric, as I had not quite yet mastered the ability to read. After a fierce fight with a mated pair of bugbears, who in the DM's fevered imagination were mutant bears that had bug eyes, leading me in hindsight to conclude that perhaps the DM also was lacking in the reading department, only my cleric and some other player's elf survived. I was hooked.

I've since played about every major system out there in some form or another, but I've always drifted back to D&D. It's not the best, it's certainly not the cleanest or most realistic, but it is my first love. With the publication of 3rd edition it was like running into an ex at a party for the first time in years. I feel at times like a battered spouse, yearning to break free to a better game, but I always come back to D&D.

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My introduction to RP and D&D...

Summer after 6th grade, 1980. I was up in Lunenburg, MA at my cousin's house for a couple of weeks. My older brother and cousin Mark asked me to play with them. Play what? I didnt care. They rarely asked me to play anything. They had this box with Basic Set written on them. They also decided to both DM.

They let me start with 30 characters. Ok, maybe THEY didnt read it either. All I know is that they had a dungeon. My wizards were in Plate Mail.

None survived.

I remember the closet with the medusa inside it. Lost a guy as I sent him in ahead.

I remember the underground acid lake. Well, I didnt know it was acid till 10 men rowed out to a little island in a metal boat. Lost all ten men.

I dont recall (maybe I dont want to know) how the rest died.

We then went outside to the fields behind the house. My other cousin, younger brother, and me were told that we were monsters. I remember being an orc. The two DMs stayed DMs, but also became players. As I would run up, I remember Mark shouting "Magic Missle!" at me.

So not only did I start table-top rp, but live action rp as well in the same summer.

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I'm running a Call of Cthulhu pbem game for a few of my friends, and I'm curious to know..what do you think the simplest (yet clear) rules for posting format are? One of my players is completely inexperienced, and I don't want the rules of posting to be very complex, but I know that if you don't have ANY format, things can get confusing.
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My turn...

I first played D&D in 1985 (I was 8, going on 9) shortly after moving to Florida. A couple kids were playing on their back porch in the apartment across from mine and asked if I wanted to play. I don't remember much about the session, except for one thing that my wife thinks is the cutest thing ever.

So we're fighting skeletons, and its my turn and I said with glee: "I want to use my Death Ray". It made sense at the time, since my character sheet had "Death Ray: 14" printed on the right side. The DM then explained to me what saving throws were.

I got the Basic D&D boxes shortly thereafter, making up lots of scenarios, and only ever convincing a couple friends over the next couple years to play. Then in early high-school, I became a real gamer, and started hosting games at my mom's huge house every weekend, though I was a player more than a GM.

I've played D&D, AD&D (1st & 2nd), DnD3E (and some other d20 variants), Champions, White Wolf (Vamp, werewolf, mage, wraith), Rifts, SLA Industries, Paranoia, Deadlands (and Hell on Earth), TORG, All Flesh Must be Eaten, and probably a lot more that I'm forgetting. I've done Live-Action Vampire and a fantasy live-combat game in Georgia called SOLAR.

My favorite Setting is TORG, and is from which my Username derives. My favorite Game overall is Deadlands because its setting is so good along with being so perfectly suited to the setting and theme.

Most of my characters tend to swashbuckler-esque in personality; very optimistic, brave and brash.

I'm currently running a D&D 3rd Edition game, set in my own homebrewed world, and actually have an LJ community set up for it here: valenn