May 8th, 2003

Nighttime's Transition

Another (sorta) newbie

Hello, my name is Mary, and I've been around gaming for as long as I can remember. My brother is 11 years older than me, so I can remember being 7 and wanting to play his "board games" with him. When I found out it'd take *weeks* to play one game, I gave up and played Chutes and Ladders or something. :)

That didn't last long. When I was in HS, he decided I was old enough to play. Since then, I've hardly put down the dice. I've played (in no certain order): AD&D, D&D, Cthuhlu (spelling sucks. I'm @ work), Star Wars, Marvel, Vampire;the Masquerade, Mage, Werewolf, Vampire LARP and a little game that few have heard of: Society in Shadows (another LARP).

You can also blame worldforger for my joining the group. He's just a bad influence, I tell ya! ;) Anyway, I'll be looking for some help w/ a CoC game I'll be running in a few weeks. I've played tons of games, but I've yet to actually run one myself. I'll appreciate any and all help I get!
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Elven Brooch


I've been invited to partake sometime soon in a Battlelords game, which I've never played before. I've been doing some reading on the website (, but was just wondering if anyone else had thoughts on the game to share/advice/etc.

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we're all strange here

Online RPG in Search of Players + New Orleans by Night WW V:tM

-Format- Browser-Based Chat Room
-Genre- White Wolf Vampire:The Masquerade
-Name- New Orleans by Night
-Contact- Dante Rossein, Room Moderator ( ) or angstgrrl
-Minimum Age Requirement- 18
-Specific Requirements- New Orleans by Night is a strictly White Wolf, Vampire: the Masquerade. While we may use Magi or Garou as NPC's, these character types are not accepted for active, primary roleplay. Non-resident players are invited to fully participate. However, for the protection of our residents (and also to give everyone equal footing), non-resident characters will be mortal. No exceptions.
-Deadline- No. Storylines are always in progress.
-Game Description-
Sultry. Sexy. And contagious. New Orleans, the bastard child city of Louisiana. The Big Easy. The Crescent City. It has many names, as a city of this magnitude well deserves.

Recognized world-over for its Mardis Gras celebration, only the city's residents know the true evils that stalk the streets when the sun falls.

Travel pamphlets tell tourists about dancing on Bourbon Street, shopping in the Garden District, and the wonders inside the Museum of Art. However, farther out, the city showcases a different facet of New Orleans. The real New Orleans. Voodoo specialty shops. Store windows proudly host neon signs that spell out "Palms Read Here". The smell of gumbo is thick, and hangs in the humid air.

Some people were born here. Some of those people leave. But, those same people come back eventually for the same reasons that they left. New Orleans herself is not just a city, but a thriving metropolis that will rarely let its patrons leave and not make them look back.

Character Sheets are required. Without an approved CS,
your character is mortal while in our room.

Something is bugging me!

Do most role players have a problem with those who are under age? (read: under 18) I am an underage RPer, and it seems like it is held against me. It shouldn't be, I tell you! Us "young'ns" are just as good at RPing, or better then some who are older. Grawr. I don't mean to be ranty, but there was a post that said "Minimum age requirement: 18" I'm sorry, I have been playing since I was 14, and that is just...... UNFAIR! Again, sorry for the rant-y-ness. I am just..... indignant.
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coffee frog

Jumping on the Bio Train

I started gaming in Feb 1979, when I rec'd D&D for my 13th birthday. We started playing that weekend, and what a nightmare it was. It didn't help that the intro module came without the cover, thus we had no maps.

I wasted all of my paper-route money on gaming (a pattern I've tried hard to maintain to this day) and by my 14th birthday I had a couple AD&D hard covers (they didn't come out all at once back then) and Traveller.

When I was fifteen a GM "retired" and left me with the reigns of power ... staring at a room full of seventeen to eighteen year olds who had all elected to let that cup pass them by.

The rest of the eighties was a blur of gaming and school and working and dating, in about that order of occurance, despite any desire I had to re-prioritize. I played everything. The Fantasy Trip (which would become GURPS). Runequest and every Chaosium game (Call of Cthulhu being the only real survivor there), Chivalry and Sorcery, Villains & Vigilantes, Space Opera, and any other FGU game I could get my hands on. Champions. Rolemaster. Warhammer FRP. Empire of the Petal Throne.

As the late eighties turned into the nineties, and I enrolled in University I joined a fledgling game club and met a couple folks who would become my second generation of best friends. Many of them remained in my gaming group for years after University had ended.

I'd pretend that my game purchasing slowed down... ...well, on the positive side, I now own a lot of bookshelves.

Although in the last year I've run d20 Modern, Exalted, Gear Krieg, and Silver Age Sentinels I'm probably best known locally as "that L5R guy." I started my campaign the day it came into the store, and although I've been "clearing my baffles" for the last year and a half it has been the source of my best gaming memories in over 20 years of gaming.

My philosophy on gaming is two part: a) if everyone is having fun than it ain't stupid; and b) prisoners belong in dungeons, monsters belong in the human psyche.

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Strange Moments

I'm feeling curious ... or perhaps just bored, and looking for something fun to read.

What are some of the strangest & funniest things to happen in games you've been a part of.

Some from mine:

John Travolta is slain. (D&D)
A bard who developed a helm obsession, after being knocked out repeatedly.
"I make psychic contact with the Logrus" (Amber)

Petros, the Jumping Mage (tm)
(hmmm ... a little explanation. A mage who, from 1st level until his unfortunate "demise" (he became a tree) attempted to use the Jump spell to solve nearly every problem the party came across. It worked occasionally.)

GM: OK guys, remember that guy you were talking to last session?
Players: Yeah.
GM: Well, I checked my notes, and he's mute. So he didn't say anything.

An Amber one-shot based on "Dude, Where's My Car". We had power word Pants.

... I'm sure I could come up with more, given time ...

an ideal game

I want a new kind of multplayer rpg.

I want an online multplayer rpg (mmrpg) with a real fantasy setting. I want dragons, knights, princesses, amazing castles and terrain. I want an mmrpg with roleplaying. I want an mmrpg that doesn't have powergamers going on 'raids' all the time to get the coolest items and the most awesome characters. I want an mmrpg where there isn't a 'template' to each class (a set of stats and skills that yield the most productive output of powerful abilities). Templates make all the characters the same. I want an mmrpg without levels. I want one where there a variety of fighting, craftsman, and secondary skills. I want a game where there isn't a set path, or boundaries to each 'zone'. I want to be able to discover new places, fight new things, and go on new adventures. I want an mmrpg that's always changing, always evolving. I want to be able to kill a king and steal his throne, find an old treasure buried long ago, rescue the princess from the evil sorcerer. I want to research new magic, potions, and items. I want creatures that fly and fight in a full 3 dimensions... I'm so sick of things flying in place. I want to be able to climb up mountains, build a boat, sail to an undiscovered island and build a fort.

Wouldn't this be an awesome game? I'm so sick of the mmrpg's currently out there... can't there ever be something unique?

I would pay lots of money for a game such as this, because it would make me smile.
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After over a decade of running Vampire and occasionaly something else, I've got a major itching to run a big ole fantasy game again. The blame primarily sits with my current Final Fantasy binge.

Anyway, I've got a firm idea of the plot, style and world. But I've got no idea what game to run.

I was thinking D&D3rd, but I hate the magic system with a passion, and there are numerous other things I'd want to tweak like Alignments and Experience and I'm not a big fan of Classes and Levels either. On the other hand, there are a fuckload of books out for D20, so there would be more for me to plunder for my game.

I was thinking Exalted, but I want the game to begin fairly low-powered, and I wouldn't be using the Exalted setting anyway. So there would be some serious rules tweaks, and i'd ignore a good half the book.

I was thinking some other game, but I'm not really familiar with them.

Any suggestions?
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