May 7th, 2003

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Illness & Gaming

A few years ago, I came down with a serious case of sinusitis, and being the genius brain-surgeon that I am, I brought my sick self to the gaming table and tried to continue playing.

Our games at the time were energetic and very fast-paced at times, and you really needed to be on the ball with a lot of it. Needless to say, I was in such sorry condition that not only could I barely roll the dice, I could hardly talk to play my character. A friend of mine had to translate my hand signs and gestures to the rest of the group. Trying to keep up with five others in a roleplay-heavy game, where my character was, at current, the one who was in the spotlight due to plot, forced me to stress myself a lot more than I should have. Needless to say, because I was a moron, I had to miss several sessions after that because I'd made myself sicker.

With all of that said, I wanted to find out if others have done this? Have you pushed yourself, whether sick or otherwise incapable, to game? Have you made yourself come to the table in a blanket, surrounded by wadded-up tissues, just because you have to keep gaming with your friends? Is this respectable, or laughable? Should one be forced not to game in such a state, for the well-being of the ill player, as well as the other players who might catch the same crud be it contagious?

I've recently found myself with a similar urky feeling, and though I currently don't have any table-top games going on, it raised the questions in my mind, so I figured I'd post 'em. If none of this makes sense, please excuse my fevered self. *laugh*
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Who would you, in fact, call?

Something in me clicked recently, and I have had a strange urge. To satiate this urge, I've unearthed a couple copies of Ghostbuster RPG and Ghostbusters International. This was the first RPG that I ever played in, and I have very fond memories of it.

After looking online for ideas to flesh out the campaign I plan on running, I am saddened by a total lack of webpages even mentioning this wonderful game. It seems that many don't even know about the GB RPG. Is that so? It is one of the easiest roleplaying games to get into. The book is very well written and one of the few that was put together in LOGICAL order! If you read the book from front to back, it will step by step you through learning how to play the game and then how to run the game. In that order. No skipping around for information or tables or whatnot.

What I would like to ask of you all is this:
How many of you have ever played this RPG?
Do any of you have adventure or campaign information/notes from their games?

Please feel free to ask questions about it or share your stories!
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Another more then likely lame D+D Question

In my Quest to be as close to perfectly detailed or not I came across a funny thought... contact poisons in D+D would they have smells... I'm not even really sure about the color of those self said poisons.

And incase anyone ever wonders... Everquest poisions are much to over powered... even when you tone them down.

I'm comprising a list of the poisons... I actually felt some of the poisons from Everquest were much to powerful, even with my toning down... as well as poisons that effected undead (We know that doesn't work, don't we GM's?)
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Obligatory delurk

Hi, I'm Rob, and I'm a gamer.
*waits for the AA-style chorus of, "Hi, Rob"*

And I'm delurking with a creepy user icon while under the influence of pain pills (a dental thing) because I'm a geek and a dork.

Not just a gaming geek--I'm a multi-geek, who used to create and write world background stuff and run LARPs for a little gaming company (one you've never heard of--I only mention it to show how geeky I am) and still know people who do it for a living. I'm also a martial arts geek, and I've been a professional geek in the fields of entertainment (guitar, vocals, somgwriting, DJing, comedy, sound, lighting and SPFX), and computers/internet. I've also been a soldier, a waiter, a construction worker, a booking agent for bands, manager of a sound and lighting company (where I lived in the warehouse amidst piles of fun gear), and a burden on society. My ambitions are to someday make enough money writing to quit my day job and to become a good enough martial artist to become a Sifu and open my own Kwan.

My all-time favorite game is Mage; the Ascension, because of many of the concepts inherent to the game world. I of course cut my teeth on AD&D back before it was cool--in the early 80s over in Germany. Other games I've enjoyed playing and/or running include Teenagers From Outer Space, Toon, Gamma World, ShadowRun, a couple of flavors of GURPS, Vampire; the Masquerade (For a couple of years--I got bored with it, though), Marvel SuperHeroes, and... Um.. I dunno. The list goes on. My friends and I used to make up our own RPGs for fun, as well--I remember one based on the late 70s surfing subculture of Southern California.

Most of my gaming has been tabletop, but I've done my share of MU*ing and chatroom-based online gaming (so if the names SyberFang or Rayzzerr sound familiar, that would be why).

I've made some of my closest friends (like my current GF) and worst enemies (like her family) though gaming. I think Gamers by and large tend to be more intelligent and open-minded than the general population.

Gaming turn-ons: People who can RP beyond stereotypes and anti-stereotypes. Growth and change in characters. Characters and campaigns who are internally consistent. Gamers with social skill. Gamer-girls who know their shit and can put slimeballs in their place. Players who can suck it up and drive on even when their characters are getting screwed. Players with enough self-confidence to put ME in my place if I'm full of shit and to back down if THEY are full of shit.

Turn-offs: Twinks, munchkins, angst-puppies, "I'm so cute that I don't have to know what I'm doing," girls who have little or no interest in gaming hang out at RP cons because they're too socially inept for anyone except in a situation where girls are outnumbered 5 to 1, and the guys who fall for that crap. They perpetuate stereotypes that make it harder for all of the EXCELLENT female roleplayers to be taken seriously. So-called "roleplayers" who piss and moan when their characters suffer the consequences of their actions.

Claims to fame (aka bragging rights... LOL!): Co-wrote a game for which players have been known to travel from Minnesota to Denver and attend a convention they'd never have gone to otherwise just to avoid missing a session. Someday it may even be published. *laughs* At least one of my dear friends still blames me for her gaming addiction. Sat on panels to answer fan questions with the likes of Dave Arnison (although Steve Brust and I argued about Stephen R. Donaldson's writing in front of the fans) at a convention once. Took over entire WW LARP in Wichita with a friend in one evening with two of the weakest characters there to prove that how you play is just as important as what is on your character sheet. Attended over 20 gaming conventions in five years, many of them with my guitar. Once pissed off Steve Jackson. Oooooooh... I was shaking. Am actually listed by a few greatly loved souls in their "interests" list because of my writing and music (do an interest search for "Rob Hamm"), which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Especially since they're people I know personally--That makes it even nicer.
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The Goals of a True fan


Live action at it's finest, and though funny it shows what a determined fan is truly capable of... who knows... we may see him in one of the next Star Wars tributes they create. ;)

While he didn't actually remake it himself, you can see that other fans did. ;)

If anyone knows this chap please give him a handshake for me
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I just re-read my delurk post. Someone slap me and take away my dice and keyboard if I ever try to post publicly while under teh influence of pain meds ever again? Pleeeeeeeze?
Ah, well... I could delete, I suppose, but screw it. Look at this as a chance to start learning to overlook my rambling and tremendous ego.
*grins unabashedly*


worldforger pointed this community out and I thought I'd join.

I played AD&D about eight years ago or so - during my sophomore year of high school. Recently my friend jimmycarter started playing 3rd Edition with her boyfriend who was/is really into it and she finally decided to try DMing. I joined in on her campaign, composed of me and her boyfriend, and I am loving it. I'm still learning but I'm having a good time.

My wife and I are moving to Bloomington, IN soon, so I'm going to have to find some people out there to play with.

And here ends my introductory post.
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Howdy Folks, sorry forgot my manners.

**Tips hat to everyone with a smile**

I suppose I should have posted this earlier, my parents taught me better manners then that when I grew up in Arizona.

I'm I suppose a Jack of All Trades Gamer/Freak. My first "gaming" experinces came when I was young and would RP out these Lego Characters I had created with my younger sibling. That went on for a good three or so years. I became enthralled with Live Action Role Playing early after that, it's always so fun to do it.
When I moved to Indiana I joined up with an AD+D group and played with them all through Highschool, and trust me that's all we played.
When I got to College at IUPUI, luck pointed me to jrcubindy and we hit it off, me recounting my D+D stories... him telling me about this site called ULTRA and this led to that and I was introduced into a much fuller gaming enviroment.
Shadowrun, BESM, Shinjuku, Marvel Superheros, Paladium RPG, Rifts, Rifts Phaseworld, 3rd Ed D+D, then later CoC, and then a few games of Abberant, Vampire, Hunter, and someday I might play Werewolf.

I'm the player that you can always expect to do something off norm... My Malkim in In Nomine has 1 goal, and I'm told I can't attain this but I'll die trying, To Fall into Hell and kill his former lover for killing his son.
I've often been called the loon of the group, but I like to RP out intresting creatures and playing things differnt in games. I often push the GM's boundries as to what they can and can't do in a system. Created a Furry in Shadowrun WELL before Year of the Comment with the help of one of the GM's.
That and I relie to much on the dice and randominess to determine things like Gender, hence why I think I can count all my male characters on 2 hands, where as I need at least 7 or 8 hands for my female characters. Not that it's wrong or bad, it's rather fun to cause our homophobic GM to sigh and rub his temples in pain. :P

As a GM, I have run 1 failed D+D world where I let the Players get away with murder, a Marvel Campagain, Shinjuku, BESM, and we play tested Everquest. I know the Abberant system fairly well and I've learned the shadowrun system well enough to be a dangerous player but not a good GM.
Sadly as a GM I'm a perfectionist... I create everything down to the last detail, my notes for my worlds tends to be lengthy and verge on the level of Tolkien description.
I tend to be an active GM, I walk, I sashay, I do my best with accents, I squint, limp and generally try to bring my players into a more RP event... I have run sessions that have lasted well into 6 to 7 hours with little to no dice rolling.

I also someday aspire to be an Author for personal gain as well as doing it for fun with video game companies.
I think that's about all I can think of without making myself look any siller then I already am. ;)
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halley - eyes

1 - 2 - 3 - Eyes on Me!

I am going to make this short since Robby on pain meds took up huge amounts of space. *grin*
My name is Halley and I have been gaming since I was 13. It was a D&D wyvren game, I remember... ah, those were the days... when my characters were complex and contradictory...

Sure, I have been around the block a couple times with AD&D, and then with this new 3rd Ed, WOTC version... but my real passion is with foreign games, which I collect in my spare time, which is any day of the week, since I am a part time college student, and then I paint or play my harp for the rest of the day...

Oh yeah, I'm a female gamer. *squeal* "And to your left, you will see the rare and endangered female gamer. No flash photography please, you might scare her away. Note how she clings neurotically to her dice pouch and murmurs 'hastur' under her breath..."

I've played with White Wolf a lot, but I am really getting into Cthulu Mithos - partly because I have always been in love with Lovecraft... I think my parentals read him to me as a baby... Ah, good ol' wholesome New England writers... I like to dress up in 1920's style outfits when I play Cthulu... even if we are playing in the privacy of someone's home. I'm just a geek like that.

I don't do many Cons, but that's because I am too cheap to leave my little island unless it's because someone has found some swedish gaming books I have never heard of or something like that... poor Halley, all alone in Anacortes... I lie... actually most weekends I am at SCA events...

Well, I think that's about it...