May 3rd, 2003


I am new here. My name is Jen. I'm that elusive gamer girl that you always hear tales about but never see ^_~. Anyways I joined in hopes of maybe finding someone to roleplay with rather it be in pbem, message board, or real life form (I don't care much for chat because its too hard getting all the players on all at once.)
My fave table top rpg by far is world of darkness. I especially like hunter, vampire, and werewolf.
I also like dnd 2nd and 3rd edition, Big eyes small mouth, Magic the Gathering, Animayhem, and free form roleplaying.
I really also want to get into exalted and battle mage/mage knight but that will have to wait for now (no money lol)
Anyways If you live in our around pittsburgh pa (i'm about an hour or so from pitt) then please drop me a line or come to my western pa gamers community at pa_anime I'm willing to learn just about any system

Also I may be interested in a few online games if they are active and focus a great deal on story telling/character developement. So post your links here as well ;)